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diatomaceous earth

human/ animal grade diatomaceous earth; Your information on uses of this nutrient is sadly lacking. Research; 'diatomaceous earth testamonials'

Klamath County OR over 6 years ago

Ground cover to prevent erosion in chiloquin oregon

What ground cover would you recommend for a hillside to prevent erosion. Location is Chiloquin, Oregon. Will receive full sun. Can be irrigated, Needs to be non toxic to livestock. Please advise. Jenny Cavaliere

Klamath County OR over 2 years ago

Wild plum crop Klamath falls

Can you tell me what is the status on wild plum crop in

Klamath County OR over 5 years ago

pioneer species

hi, i am always reading nature magazines and online articles. recently i came across "pioneer species" of plants. i know there are also trees that fall into this category, but that can wait.
do these plants complement each other or compete? that is, has anybody tilled an acre then seeded only pioneer plants albeit a variety? what happens when they mature? would this patch be able to expand into the grassland or forest surrounding it? or would it just disperse itself into them?
if there was a newly erupted island and it was seeded with them, what sort of ecology would it create? do you have any photos of one of these heath and raspberry landscapes?
also, do dandelions fall into this category? they seem to be able to sprout in the smallest concrete crack. thanks, BA

Klamath County OR over 1 year ago

exception to licensing for domestic kitchen

Dear Sirs, I want to sell jams and jellies at the local farmers market. According to the ORS, I don't need a license to sell directly to the public baked goods, candies, and confections. Jams and Jellies are by definition confections, and should be included in the exempt category. But a gentleman from ODA says jams and jellies are not part of the exemption. He will not tell me why. I have asked several times for something in writing that supports his opinion that they are not included in the exception, but so far I have not received any such writing. He continues to quote the same statute that tells me jams and jellies are included. The statute states that confections are specifically included, and jams and jellies are by definition a confection. The statues further says that exceptions include but are not limited to baked goods and candies. The person from ODA says that exceptions are limited to baked goods and candy even though the statute clearly says they are not limited to baked goods and candy. He insists that I have to have a license, which is a tremendous burden on me to rent a kitchen and carry all my supplies there to work. Jams and jellies are not potentially hazardous. Please help me. I need some support to get ODA to honor what the statute clearly states, which is that confections are part of the exemption. Thank you Shirley Chapman

Klamath County OR almost 4 years ago

Invasive trees

How do I kill tree roots? The trees are gone and the stumps are dieing, but the roots are all still growing under my lawn, digging up my patio and producing baby trees. It was a poplar and there doesn't seem to be any way to get rid of it.


Klamath County OR almost 6 years ago

Purchased spruce trees that lower limbs have no needles

The bargain was achieved because two trees, having been neglected at Home Depot, we’re losing needles on the bottom 25% of the trees. They’re now planted and the branches bearing green needles are healthy, with soft new growth. The question is will the dry stems, with no needles, produce new growth in the coming season? Should I cut them off? It is a large portion of the tree and unattractive. I would appreciate any help as I haven’t found any direction as what to do. We are zone 5


Klamath County OR 8 months ago

orchid cactus house plant

transplanted the 20 year old orchid cactus about a year ago the cactus is getting 18 inch spikes on the lower part of the plant. Can she cut them out?


Klamath County OR over 7 years ago

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