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Thank you

5/5/20 Once again A HUGE THANK YOU for your time and valuable input. I will shear back the flowers,though almost all of them are easily already falling off, and HOPE FOR THE BEST that next spring they'll show some life again.

Josephine County OR 9 months ago


What is the best way to kill Pokeweed?

Josephine County OR over 7 years ago

Hydrangea problem

I’m sorry if you’re getting two of these. But I didn’t notice my first attempt going through. I have a long established hydrangeas. All of them are showing this problem. Limpy branches near the bottom and some leaves with spots on them. Photos are attached. Please tell me what I can do to solve this problem.

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Josephine County OR 8 months ago

Cover crop?

I live on a hillside near Murphy. Is there anything I can seed over the grass/weeds that grow every year that would be graze-able and improve the soil? Basically, I'm weed wacking every spring early summer for fire protection, but would like to supplant current vegetation with something more useful.


Josephine County OR over 1 year ago

grass varieties

I am replanting my lawns. Is there a type of grass that does not take a lot of water and is not Bermuda grass? Also, which has a better success rate: hydroseed or sod?


Josephine County OR over 5 years ago

Tick Borne Diseases

Do you have any information about Tick Borne Diseases in Josephine County. What diseases occur? How common they are? and?. Could you forward me any reports, data etc. that you have or discover? thanks, Stan Harami


Josephine County OR 5 months ago

poke weed

What's the best way to get rid of it? How poisonous is it? I'm told it's very poisonous to almost anything. Is this true?


Josephine County OR over 7 years ago

lawn mowing

I didn't mow my lawn enough before our prolonged frost and it looks ragged, uneven. I am selling my home and the lawn needs to be mowed. Under what conditions can I mow it in January?


Josephine County OR about 6 years ago

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