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Pasture Crop - Camp Sherman

Folks, I live in Camp Sherman and have a small 1.5 acre pasture area that I am about to level, till, and want to replant with a good cover "crop" that is low maintenance, attractive, and good for the soil. I currently do not have irrigation but may be getting that too. We are in a micro climate over here. Do you have any suggestions for my area?


Jefferson County OR over 4 years ago

Controlling nasty weed

Can you recommend an effective spray to control a weed locally called goat head? It is a short plant with multiple heads with short very sharp spines that radiate outward. A spray that isn't too persistent. This wet spring has brought up large areas that later this year will be a serious problem. Thank you.


Jefferson County OR almost 2 years ago

What is this tree/bush and why are it’s petals missing?

This tree/bush was on the property when we purchased it, and we know nothing about it. I have two questions on it. 1) What is it? 2) Why are the blooms not really blooming? Last year it didn’t bloom that I noticed, and this year it is “blooming”? But they look like this (photos attached). I know the tree-bush needs some help. I was hoping to thin it out this winter when it’s dormant. Anyway, why would the blooms not really have petals? I’m sure that it didn’t bloom already and loose the petals, I’ve been doing a decent job keeping an eye. I haven’t noticed any bugs on it. What can I do to help it? I am not particularly interested in it fruiting, I just would love for it to bloom correctly. The bees are not even visiting the ones that look remotely like blooms either.


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Jefferson County OR 9 months ago


What can be done about frequent night time visits from racoons. We have secured all trash bins and they still romp around our deck at night. Thanks.


Jefferson County OR about 6 years ago

master gardener

How do I become a master gardener?


Jefferson County OR about 7 years ago

How to Care for Apricot Trees

Why do the fruits of my Manchurian Bush apricot trees split and fall before ripening? What can I do to enable the fruits to stay on the tree until they are fully ripened and sweet?


Jefferson County OR almost 8 years ago

Insect identification please

Hi there! I live in the Crooked River Grasslands and took the attached images on August 17th of this year. This sweet little specimen was found hanging out on my chocolate mint, on the flower. I tried searching and asking around about this guy without any luck. I thought it might be a nymph of some kind but really didn't know how to go searching for it. I haven't seen another one like it, either. It was very small.


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Jefferson County OR over 3 years ago

Insect identification please

Hi there! I live in the Crooked River Grasslands and took the attached images on August 23rd of this year. I found these on the flower buds of my large sage brush. They were VERY small, not even handlable. The second images shows what I assumed to be their own eggs they must have recently emerged from. I took a video that I think might be helpful also: (when reviewing the video on my end it looked burry, but wasn't blurry on my phone when I uploaded it, please direguard and accept my apologies if it is blurry).


Img_0856_300x300%2523 Img_0853_300x300%2523 Be241245-f784-491a-b311-b03ed822a2c3_300x300%2523

Jefferson County OR over 3 years ago

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