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Fruit tree pruning help needed

I need help with pruning my fruit trees. I have three; two plum and one cherry. They have thinner limbs but the limbs have grown too long and they have broken from last year's fruit. I am looking for someone with fruit tree pruning background. My phone is 541-245-3775. I would need to know cost or what to offer for this help. Phone calls preferred, leave a message with return number if I'm not home. I do not check my e-mail often. Thanks, Carol in Medford

Jackson County Oregon over 6 years ago

Preparing for winter

I need dummy proof instructions for protecting my more delicate plantings for winter. IE when and how to protect them from frost.I live in Medford.

Jackson County Oregon over 6 years ago

Boron Application for Avocados

Hello, I am consulting for a family friend who has an Avocado farm in Mexico. His tissue tests show that across the board his trees are deficient in Boron. They average tissue concentrations of B around 15ppm, where the ideal range is 30-60ppm. I know Boron is mobile and potentially toxic if over-applied, but from my research it appears that soil drenches of small amounts of Boron (Borax or boric acid solutions) show positive results in nutrient uptake in Avocados, and that Avocados are nearly 10x more tolerant to Boron toxicity than other plants. My question is this: How do I figure out how much Boron needs to be added to each tree to avoid creating a toxic soil environment? I've seen a recommendation for a solution of 0.75 ounces of Borax (11% B) to 100 gallons of water from Cornell, but I don't know how much of that solution would be applied to each plant. They claim that supplies 6 ppm B. If the client's avocado trees are deficient by about 15-40ppm in their tissue, how do I know how much of that solution needs to be applied to the soil of each tree without creating soil toxicity but also being effective? I figure multiple small applications with more tissue sampling will help us narrow it down, but I'd like to reduce the number of tests necessary to get the right application. I also want to know why I've recommended the amount I have when the time comes. The trees are mature and flowering. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it!


Jackson County Oregon about 2 years ago

something eating plants

I have been trying to grow sweet pea flowers and when they get to be about 4 to 5 inches tall, something eats them right to the ground. We suspect it is rodents, rats, to be specific. We sat out traps and caught three, but haven't gotten any in awhile. I guess my question is could it be rodents or something else. They eat about 10 plants in one night, if I don't cover them. If it is rodents what can I use to keep them away, I have a small dog that also loves her backyard. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you


Jackson County Oregon almost 6 years ago

Looks like mold

I have been starting some vegetable seeds indoors, this year. They have been growing quite leggy, which I understand to be caused by not enough light. Most of these leggy seedlings need support or they just fall over. So, I decided to prop them up with sticks that I found on the ground under a tree in the yard. About 2 days later, I began to notice that there was some grey hairs growing around the area where I had placed the sticks. Is this something to worry about? I it potentially bad for my seedlings? What should I do, if anything, about this?



Jackson County Oregon over 6 years ago

Yellow on tomato plant leaves

There’s yellow on my tomato plant leaves. There are four plants of different varieties, planted in Earthbox systems (watered from a reservoir below). Can you help me understand what the yellowing is and what to do about it? I’ve uploaded photos. Thanks!


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Jackson County Oregon 2 days ago

apricot spots

what are the spots on our early apricots; this is the first year we have had fruit on this recently planted tree (eg. 2 yrs ago)? thx, james


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Jackson County Oregon 4 days ago

What is wrong with my magnolia tree

Magnolia tree is starting to show signs of disease. Bacterial? Fungal? Too much water? Not enough water? Please help!


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Jackson County Oregon 4 days ago

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