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Proper pasture management

What is the recommended pasture management program for the Hood River valley?


Hood River County OR about 2 years ago

Red Peony

My Tree peony turned a beautiful red in June/July, like it usually does in September. The leaves didn't drop or look shriveled. These are not "spots" of red, but the whole leaf is red.


Hood River County OR over 2 years ago

?tree identification

What type of tree is this? What family is it in?



Hood River County OR over 5 years ago


I have an 30 year old ornamental cherry tree that is the center piece of our yard! It has been losing some of it's larger/older branches over the years. I'd like to know if it is possible to graft more branches to the trunk so it might recover it's beauty for years to come.


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Hood River County OR almost 5 years ago

GrassTennis Court

Hello. We would like to build a grass tennis court. We have a beautiful level space, complete with double mountain views. Can you help guide us to a resource that would teach us what we need to do to make this happen


Hood River County OR over 1 year ago

ground cover

I have a plot of soil that we need to preserve for secondary drain field - about 800 sq ft. We are required to plant it with something that will prevent erosion and without deep root systems. The building dept suggested grass but we don't have a good water source and I don't plan to have to maintain watering mowing fertilizing. The property is very visible from the main road and is commercial. Any suggestions?


Hood River County OR over 4 years ago

Oak trees and pavement removal

Attached is a photo of a parking spot that was paved next to an Oregon Oak. This was done 9 years ago. The tree is showing signs of stress: not fully leafing out, lots of dead branches. The parking spot covers almost 1/2 of the trees critical root zone. Would removing the pavement help the tree, or is it too late?


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Hood River County OR over 3 years ago

Canning for shelf vs. fridge

I have a recipe I really love -- a green tomato chow chow (relish) -- that instructs to store in jars with lid & band in fridge, use within 3 weeks. I would like to be able to keep longer. How can I adapt the recipe or change the canning method to safely do this?



Hood River County OR over 6 years ago

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