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Giant Bird of Paradise trouble

My giant bird of paradise is slowly losing its shape and as new leaves come in they are either being eaten by something or they are rotting away. Lots of spiderwebs on them so I'm not sure what the problem is. Please see photographs. Thank you, James


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San Francisco County California about 3 years ago

Minimum Stroke Width for Emboss Printing with Adobe Illustrator

What is the minimum stroke width for emboss printing when designing with illustrator? This will be for a journal cover and I would like to know that my design will show up nice and clear.



San Francisco County California almost 6 years ago

Are there disease free Azaleas and Rhododendroms for my back yard

I want low maintenance! Can I get Lace resistant varieties to plant? Do they need special dirt?


San Francisco County California about 2 years ago

A white substance clinging to my plant

I have owned an indoor plant (and do not know what it is) for about one year. Within the last four to five weeks, a white powder-like substance is appearing at the ends of many stalks, and sometimes on the edges of leaves (see image attached). What is this substance, and how can I rid my plant of this problem? The plants sits near an east-facing window of my house, and gets bright indirect light for three-four hours every morning. I have been watering the plant about once a week, when the soil is almost dry, and have been adding Maxsea plant food with each watering. Thank you! This is an awesome service. Stuart McKee San Francisco, CA



San Francisco County California about 5 years ago

Are these mites?


I was hoping that you might be able to help me identify this pest that has appeared in my kitchen and possiblity suggest a control or erradication strategy. They are mainly loacated under a skylight in my kitchen, but I haev noticed that are also around the cupboards, counter-top, stove, floor, etc.

I believe that they are mites. They are maybe the size of a grain of sand and very hard to see. I was able to get a few and take some microscope pictures.

Thanks for helping!


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San Francisco County California almost 7 years ago

Job opportunity

Can you tell me where I can fine job in California for people they are looking for Migrant work opportunity. Please when they start the next season? Thanks Much, Juan Polanco


San Francisco County California about 5 years ago

Planting Time for Lily and Ranunculus Bulbs

I got caught in the Wuhan flu quarantine and am spending until next spring in San Francisco. When should bulbs for Belladonna Lilies and Ranunculus be planted in the Bay Area-spring or fall?


San Francisco County California 25 days ago

String of Pearl Plant + Guest

I’ve never seen this growing from any string of pearl plant that I’ve come across before or seen in pictures or videos. What is it? It seems to be a part of the plant. Is it going to harm my plant? Should I remove it?

The plant seems to be happy and thriving. Every so often, it blooms a few flowers. So, who’s its friend?



San Francisco County California over 1 year ago

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