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Juniper trees

How do these trees mate? I was told the one tree releases pollen in the form of dust and then it lands on the other tree which becomes pollinated and then there is the next part which I am not sure of.. can you tell me if this is correct! I have seen puffs of dust on random trees in the juniper forest and wondered what this was??


Harney County Oregon about 3 years ago

planting time in Burns, OR

I live outside of Burns in the high desert and am planting a garden this year. It's in a very open area, and I am wondering if it' safe (from freeze) to plant now. I have water towers to protect my tomatoes when they go in the ground. Also, any suggestions you can give me on best veggies to plant here, and how to protect from ground squirrels and chipmunks would be appreciated. I already have 6' high fencing with chicken wire around the whole garden, but those teeny chipmunks go right through it. Thanks. Linda


Harney County Oregon 19 days ago

Type of shade tree

I have a small piece of property west of New Princeton. I was wanting to plant some trees for shade and habitat for the few local deer. I have a source of water so the trees could be on drip irrigation. Can you recommend a few different breeds of trees and possible local resources that retail these trees.



Harney County Oregon almost 4 years ago

blue algae poison in cattle

Do we have evidence of this in Harney County?


Harney County Oregon almost 3 years ago

Inbreeding in domestic geese

I have a friend of a friend, in need, who has been feeding her family on Quail eggs, and who has requested a few of my fertilized goose eggs to hatch in an incubator, for future goose eggs for her family. My 4 geese are pets, are an original goose and gander (Toulouse), and a goose and gander hatched from them. During mating season this year, the mother goose paired up with her son gander and the father gander paired with his daughter goose. Are their any negative results of record to expect from such inbreeding in geese and how to respond, as well as the pros and cons of hatching such inbred eggs in an incubator as opposed to by natural means? Thank you very much for any clarifying information you are able to provide!


Harney County Oregon about 1 month ago

Plants for wildlife feed

Looking for plants that will supply feed from berries, fruit and seed. Along steam in juniper and sagebrush enviorment. The area does not get a lot of sun the way the draw lays.


Harney County Oregon about 1 year ago

How to find bulk equisetum (horsetail)?

How can I locate people who have excess equisetum (horsetail), who would be willing to harvest (or allow harvesting of) their top growth? I'm planning some soil regeneration experiments in Oregon.


Harney County Oregon almost 6 years ago

Alfalfa or clover?

Since grass lawn is a costly waste, should I consider a natural replacement of Alfalfa or Clover instead in the Hines area? If so, where to find seeds for this climate here in Hines? Thanks much!


Harney County Oregon almost 4 years ago

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