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perrenial ryegrass vs medusa head rye

My husband and I bought 66 acres of dry-land pasture near John Day. It contains mostly crested wheatgrass, ryegrass, alfalfa and cheat-grass. However, our neighbors' land is about 90% medusa head and it is spreading onto our place. We now have several acres of Medusa Head on the north, south and west sides of our fence-line. I have heard that certain ryegrass species are effective in competing with Medusa Head. Is this true? If so, which species is best for competing with Medusa Head in Eastern Oregon? Thank you.


Grant County OR over 6 years ago

Canning nut.

Can I can my own peanut, or almond butter?


Grant County OR over 2 years ago

Bread that will NOT rise

Hi I am Kim and for the life of me, can not get my bread to rise where I live. I am in Grant County Oregon at 4000 ft. level. Please oh Please can you give me some answer's? Thank you :) Sincerely Breadless!


Grant County OR over 3 years ago

testing my soil

What's the best way to test my soil . or what tester is best on the low end of the price scale.


Grant County OR almost 4 years ago

How to develop an above ground cistern for household water supply

We have a cabin just outside of Granite, OR and had developed a spring for household water use. The spring went dry two years ago due to the drought and did come back this year but we no longer trust it for year around use. We would like to have a portable cistern system so we can fill the tank off-site, as needed, and then have it pressurized for use in the bathroom and kitchen. We have a small solar system so would prefer to have a pump that is solar powered. Can you recommend articles or advice to take us from start to finish on this project. And where to get the needed items. Thanks, Colleen


Grant County OR about 3 years ago

How Garden Table Grapes for Eastern Oregon (John Day)

I would like to grow a couple varieties of table grapes at home and was hoping you could recommend a few types that would be well suited (and easy growing)for John Day. I would prefer seedless varieties if possible. Also, where would you recommend purchasing them? I noticed several mail order companies are restricted to sending grapes to Oregon. I plan to grow these in containers. Do you recommend a specific year to purchase (1 yr, 2 yr, 3 yr, if available?)? I have been informed that the time to plant grapes is in the fall. Would it be awful to go ahead with a spring planting or should I just wait another 6 months...? Thanks so much! You guys are a wonderful resource!!!!


Grant County OR about 6 years ago

ID of insect/moth

I found this moth near John Day, OR and I want to know what kind of moth it is. It measured 6 inches tip to tip.



Grant County OR over 6 years ago

Fairy Rings in my lawn

Hello, I have several fairy rings in my lawn that keep growing each year. What can I do to get rid of them? J.K Prairie City, OR


Grant County OR 12 months ago

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