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Identifying a spider needed

I am getting an unusual amount of different spiders in my home as temperatures are getting colder. I used to live in Grand Ronde, Oregon, and I was once bitten by a spider to where my arm swelled up, .and I had flu like symptom. I woundup going to the hospital. I never got a good look at the spider that bit me, except that it was dark in color. I moved to Arlington Oregon in Eastern Oregon almost three years ago, and in the three years never seen these two kinds of spiders in my home before. Can you please tell me if they are harmful and what the names of them are please?


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Gilliam County OR over 1 year ago

What kind of spider is this

I posted a picture of this spider last night. This morning I was able to get better pictures. He or she is on the toe of my I'm not wearing it :) I found this little/big guy in a glass that I have on a shelf by my bed. What kind of spider is he? Is he harmful to me or my pets (cats)? I'm not going to kill him even if he is poisonous. I'll just remove him from my home.


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Gilliam County OR over 1 year ago

Are sprouted spaghetti squash edible

We opened our spaghetti squash (it's been in the cupboard for a couple of months) to discover the seeds had sprouted. Is the squash still edible?


Gilliam County OR almost 6 years ago

Is this recipe safe for water bath canning

I read interesting recipes & think about canning the item but I'm unsure about safety. Would the following recipe be safe to water bath can? Thank you. Homemade Ketchup Print Author: Christina Maldonado Recipe type: Ketchup Serves: Amost 3 pints Ingredients 3 lbs fresh ripe tomatoes, chopped ¼ cup apple cider vinegar ½ tsp salt 1 tsp kelp powder --This ingredient may be skipped. I just like to sneak in healthy ingredients. 2½ TB honey 1 tsp brown mustard ½ tsp Worcestershire sauce ¼ tsp ground pepper ¼ large onion, diced (about ⅓ cup diced) 1 garlic clove--This may also be skipped if you don't like the taste of garlic. Instructions Add all the ingredients to a medium-size pot. Over medium-high heat, bring the ketchup to a boil. Once boiling, reduce the ketchup to a simmer and cook over low heat for 30-60 minutes. Remove the ketchup from the heat and mash the ingredients together with a potato masher (or the back of a fork). Allow the ketchup to cool. Once cool, blend the ketchup with an immersion or table-top blender to your desired consistency. Store in fridge in an air-tight container for up to 14 days, or freeze for later.


Gilliam County OR almost 4 years ago

wheat winter hardiness

what is the winter hardiness of JD spring wheat club compared to Kamiak barley


Gilliam County OR over 6 years ago

Infestation of Mormon Locusts in Gilliam County

Hi! Arlington, Or and its surrounding area has been plagued with an infestation of Mormon Locusts! They are every where and they don't seem to be going away anytime soon! Is there a way to rid this area of this pestilence? The City Council is meeting today, to try to come up with a solution to the problem. Would really appreciate any information that would help this community deal with this aggravating situation. Thank you, Sheri Wolf General Manager Rodeway Inn Motel


Gilliam County OR almost 3 years ago

Treating chickens with permethrin; are eggs safe to eat?

My 10 hens ended up with lice. I was told to dust them with permethrin. Should I dust their 10x12' coop and nesting boxes too? Should I destroy the eggs they lay for a period of time or are they safe to eat? Thank you


Gilliam County OR over 4 years ago

What is this insect?

Several of these insects have found my front porch area. They don't seem to fly or swarm and aren't really much of a nuisance at this time. I'm mostly curious about them. Thank you.



Gilliam County OR almost 6 years ago

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