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Dear Expert, I have a small area behind my home which at this time has been excavated and backfilled with a rough grade of native clay soil. I would like to plant a low profile grass that needs as little maintenance as possible. I expect to put a layer of about 3-4 inches of top soil cover and then plant some grass. The area is on the south side of my home. I might even consider putting down rolled sod. I have several small dogs which will need to use this area, but because of age and other responsibilities I need to have as little extra work as possible. This area is about 10' x 40' which for these small dogs will be fenced. Your advice for this grass application would be most helpful. Sincerely, Herb 100% disabled service connected veteran

Douglas County OR over 5 years ago

Pine tree deaths

Hello. I am wondering if you could give ma any information on what may be killing pine trees on my property. I live in Douglas county (Roseburg) and I have pine trees dying at an alarming rate. In the past 6 months I have lost 8-9 trees with more starting to turn brown. The trees are dying in a progressive pattern, (one by one in a row). I know there have been a lot of Doug Fir deaths in the area, but no one but me seems to have any issue with the pines. Could it be a beetle? Any help is appreciated


Douglas County OR almost 2 years ago

wood borer?

splitting madrone firewood we discovered this delightful critter and larvae. I think the larvae belongs to the beetle just because of the markings, but who knows? the bug is about an inch long. we are hesitant about keeping it around for firewood this winter in case the larvae hatch and infest every other tree around. suggestions?



Douglas County OR over 2 years ago

Potted lemon tree

I have had my lemon tree in a same pot for years. When should I transplant it into a larger pot and what time of year? Is there any special soil preparation? I use organic fertilizer also.


Douglas County OR over 5 years ago

corn tasseling at 3.5' - nitrogen burned melons - should i give up?

1. should i stop watering/fertilizing, it's a waste? the corn is 3.5' high max and beginning to tassel. is this crop lost and i should stop? i've grown the same seed pack corn for the previous 3 years successfully, 8' to 12' and delicious. (territorial organic). i start indoor T5 in 1/4 cup peat pots, put outside and we had cold, wet... 2. same as corn, 3 years growing same melon pack of seeds. these fast (small/round) 60-65-70 day cantaloupe, watermelon but i over nitrogen fert burned them. after 4 days i figured it out and flushed them for 3 days in a row until clear water out the bottom. even the first day after flushing they all looked much better in new growth. (same with the cucumbers, new growth looking good). but should i give up, it's too late for fast melons to mature this season? how i burned them. this if the first year i used BIO-LIVE 5-4-2 to recondition last years soil, covered with tarps. this year was cold wet and no heat to generate activity in the soil pile. the soil temp was 68F when i had to use it. last years i used VEGAN MIX 3-2-2 about 2 cups per 25 gallons of soil, covered and when i put it into fabric pots the soil was 85F to 90F. the BIO-LIVE has higher numbers, added i pushed them to much twice per week 3.7-2.7-3.7 organic liquid fert, 2 tablespoons per gal. everything except corn are in 20-30 gal fabric pots and i have a plastic covered roofing area i can drag them under in sept if the weather goes bad. so i can keep them rain dry but the dew wafts in the covered area. (now everything is in full sun.) the tomatoes got all the same fert but didn't show nitrogen burn but i flushed them too. 3. do u find it useful to use non-chlorinated water on A. potted vegetables/melons? B. on household yard flowers, bushes, trees, fruit trees, grapes, pears? i purchased "PHC BioPak A water-soluble, kelp based inoculant with beneficial bacteria. Contains nitrogen and phosphorus-fixing bacteria." i was told to use non-chlorinated water with this. then i thought does using chlorinated water on the other days kill off the what's in the soil? i'm including link to show expert, you can remove link after u look at it. the attached corn image appears large, it's no higher than 3.5' in back, the front was started 4 weeks later so it's short but should have worked during a normal year.


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Douglas County OR 7 months ago

Broad leaf (pasture) grass

How do you kill Broadleaf - pasture grass from your lawn? A few years ago Weed-B-Gone Max used to kill it and not hurt your lawn. I think they have changed the formula because it has no effect on the broad leaf grass anymore. Thank you


Douglas County OR over 5 years ago

Keeping rabbits in city limits

What a re the laws or ordinances for keeping pet rabbits Is there a limit on how many are allowed and if you can only have males or females


Douglas County OR over 1 year ago

dead fir trees

Do you know why many fir trees are dying here in Douglas county? We live out Cole Road and I counted 32 trees that are dead or dying from my house to town. Is it the lack of rain?


Douglas County OR over 5 years ago

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