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tree identification (more photos)

more photos from my recent question --Jeff McGuire

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Deschutes County OR 4 months ago

What do I have growing in my yard every summer?

These come up every year and then die off in the winter. They have a solid white inside when you cut a stem off. They are starting to take over a corner of my yard. I have asked several people here and no one knows. One person said for sure it was not hemlock as he has hemlock on his property and it looks nothing like this. I want to remove it but am concerned it might be poisonous. I have been keeping my dogs away from it until I know exactly what it is. This photo was taken last summer. But its starting to sprout up again.

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Deschutes County OR 9 months ago

Small worm/larve in raised beds eating carrots and other veggie roots

We have these small worms in our raised beds. They have a silvery appearance in the soil but in the picture they have a more brown color. This is a carrot that was deep in one of the beds from last year. It was covered in these worms/larve, but they are also present near the surface of the soil throughout the bed. I think they also ate some of our radishes last year. We are wondering what they are and how to get rid of them.


Deschutes County OR 9 months ago

Baking GF muffins

My pumpkin GF free muffins look different than when I bake at the Calif coast. How do so adjust my recipe or bake time

Deschutes County OR about 1 year ago

Follow up to Saturday article I’m the Oregonian - RE: yellow jackets

Regarding pesticide free treatment for yellow jackets, have you considered pouring boiling water down the nest hole (assuming that this is a ground nest)

Deschutes County OR over 1 year ago

Spider ID?

I found a spider that looks similar to a black widow but instead of a red shaped hour glass it was white. The web was irregular and made a sounds when I broke it up. The spider was also found in our living room during the day. Can you please help me identify this spider?


Deschutes County OR over 4 years ago

The fir tree is actually 60 feet.

Sorry for all the emails! Much appreciated. Maggie

Deschutes County OR over 5 years ago

White spots/mildew/mold on Squash plant leaves

The squash plants in my raised vegetable bed have white spots, mildew, or mold on the leaves and stalks. I've sprayed the leaves with baking soda diluted in water but with little improvement. The spots/mildew are spreading. Any suggestions on what I can do?

Deschutes County OR over 5 years ago

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