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slugs and snails

How do I prevent slugs and snails in my garden using integrated pest management?

Curry County OR almost 4 years ago

My Golden Sickness

My Golden Plum developed a serious health problem last year immediately after the blossom. The foliage began to form, but shortly after and within just days the blossoms and foliage was destroyed. I took responsibility for this because I missed my dormant spraying, but the problem has now returned with the spraying being preformed through the winter. Please know that this is a very mature tree with a history of abundant yields and seeing it like this sickens me more than the tree!


Curry County OR over 2 years ago


I have never seen a bumblebee with this color. Usually only see the yellow and black



Curry County OR almost 2 years ago

4H and FFA market animals

Since there is no fair this year for the kids to sell their projects, would it be possible to buy an animal from those kids?


Curry County OR 9 months ago

What is ailing my brugmansias?

I have seven brugmansias. Six of them have leaves that turn ugly and fall off. The underneath side of the leaves look like they are covered in tiny, tiny specs. Can't tell if it's a bug or not. Hopefully, you can see it on the leaf in the right hand side of the picture. Plants still produce some flowers, but overall they look pretty sick.



Curry County OR over 2 years ago

Monkey Tree

Can you tell my why my monkey tail tree of 11 years in the same spot, has decided to start turning yellow on the ends.



Curry County OR almost 6 years ago

Monkey Tail Tree

I have had this tree in the same spot for 11 years. Nothing in my yard has changed (except little rain) and now it is starting to turn yellow on the ends. What can i do to save it? It is my favorite tree!!!!



Curry County OR almost 6 years ago

Brown Stuff

Hello, Please help me. I planted 26' of saanich raspberry root stock on 3/18 and about half that again on 5/26 to replace that which was lost on the first planting. I live about a mile from the beach in Port Orford. My soil I would say is more clay-like and next to the porch of a 15 year old house. I tilled in some bark dust from the Bandon mill and treated according to the Mittleider gardening method ie. 1 oz/ft pre-plant feed (lime with some boron and magnesium sulfate + 1/2 oz/ft of the 16/16/16 fertilizer. The 16/16/16 fertilizer was added again 1/2 oz/ft/week for four weeks. All the root stock came up great and then bugs decimated it and some of the plants just seemed to get sick and die. I treated with a fruit tree spray and ground treatment recommended by the B&B gals and put down slug bait. After a time I replanted with new root stock and now that it's all coming up there is some kind of fungus or something that is killing it. I treated with Safer 3-in-, a fungicide and bug killer, a couple days ago as per the gals at B&B but this morning I get up and my finest biggest canes are now getting it and I'm certain that left unchecked, this stuff will wipe them out completely. Do you know what it is? Harry


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Curry County OR over 4 years ago

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