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Critter hole in ground cut tree roots.

We prize our 8-year old Japanese Cherry Tree in yard. It is flourishing, but last week we found one dead branch. Next to 6" dia. trunk we found a round hole 3" in diameter. I poured 30 gallons water (!) from hose into the hole without filling it, and put big rock over hole. Hole expanded as water went in. This is in good soil, well watered in lawn. We saw no other holes within yard, as might be typical of prairie dog, gopher, etc. No dirt mounded around hole by tree. No signs of life around hole during the following week. This week saw another dead branch above hole, probably critter had cut root. What might we have had? How to kill it if critter still exists. Strange. Help! Allan and Vercey Smyth, Prineville, OR.

Crook County OR 7 months ago

Leaves left on perennial bed under tree

I have a planting of shade-tolerant perennials underneath a deciduous tree - mostly hostas, a couple of herbaceous potentillas, polemonium, etc. This isn't a prepared bed, just bare soil where I've dug holes for each and added amendments for each plant at each location. Every year I rake the leaves from the lawn and put them in my compost bins, but I leave those that fell on the perennial planting area in place. I think it's a maple with small, highly dissected leaves, and they're about four to five inches deep right now, loose. Then, in the spring just as the plants begin to break dormancy, I rake them up and put them in the compost as well. Is this a good idea? I've done it for many years and the plants seem to be OK. Thought I'd ask this year. Thanks!


Crook County OR about 7 years ago

Juniper tree blight?

I live in Crook County on Twin Lakes Ranch. We have many Juniper trees on our property and in the last 2 yrs or so I have noticed that almost all of them have brown dry tips that progress toward the trunk of the tree. At first it was only a few trees that looked like that. Now most all have brown needles through out the tree, some worse than others. It has killed several of our trees and I anticipate it will kill many more if not all of them. I have seen this in many other locations here in Crook and Deschutes County. Do you know what is causing this? Is there anything we can do to stop its spread. Thank you for your reply. I would be happy to attach a photo of what it looks like Randy McCauley - Powell Butte Oregon


Crook County OR over 6 years ago

Organic soil for a garden

Hi, I live in Prineville and will have a raised bed garden this year and I am looking for a place to buy several yards of organic soil for my garden. I can't seem to find anything but bags of soil. Have any ideas? Thank you, Holly


Crook County OR almost 4 years ago

Austrian Pines needles turning brown

We recently planted a privacy berm consisting of a Austrian pines and Cypress Cedars. We planted the end of May. We water consistently every 4 to 5 days. We then increased water during hottest portion of summer to every 2-3 day. We had one that fairly early on (end of July) had the very top branch died (turned brown). It has progressed to middle of tree. In last month two additional pines have had browning of needles towards stalk of tree. We have decreased watering to 1 week. No signs of insects. What may be causing this to happen? Will they probably eventually die? Any recommendations?


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Crook County OR 3 months ago

Watering the grass

Hi! This is our first year in Prineville OR and with all this beautiful weather we are wondering if we could water and fertilize our lawn now or if its too early.


Crook County OR almost 6 years ago

Bad soil for gardens

I am outside of Prineville at an altitude of 3800. My soil is sandy, but mushy when really wet. It is lousy. It is difficult to grow plants out back, much less attempt to grow grass. What do I need to do to amend it?


Crook County OR almost 6 years ago

bread baking at 4,000 ft.

Lived at 250 altitude and bread recipe containing eggs,butter flavored crisco, and water was great but at my present 4,000 ft altitude it turns out on the dry side. Any suggestions?


Crook County OR about 2 years ago

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