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House hold fleas

Pet fleas?

Columbia County OR about 7 years ago

Anyone need Seed Garlic?

We are a farm that was established three years ago in Warren, OR. We have been growing garlic and all the ingredients for our farm direct business. We have about 40-50 pounds of Inchellium Red and Polish White Seed garlic to sell. We are wondering if you might know of any farmers looking for good seed garlic. We are not yet certified organic but we never use any pesticides or chemicals. To see reviews of our garlic please see: For orders over 5 pounds we will be happy to deliver to the Portland Metro Area. Please email us at with any inquiries.


Columbia County OR over 2 years ago

Trimming fir trees

We have roughly 8 acres of replanted fir trees now averaging 6" at the base. They are spaced 6-8' apart in roughly 8' rows. We would like to trim them up to allow some management of blackberries and weeds and to allow better grass growth as we use this area for horse turn-out. Would we be compromising the quality and value of our trees by taking off the bottom 25% of the limbs? And is fall and winter the appropriate time of year to do this?


Columbia County OR about 4 years ago

Looking for knitters in/near Scappoose, Oregon

Are there any established knitting groups in or near Scappoose, Oregon....or how can I start one?


Columbia County OR about 5 years ago

Liming a Cow pasture

Hi We just got back our tests from AL Labs and we need Lime(badly). Do you know anyone in s columbia county that has a lime spreader we can hire? Kind of a nitch service. Also if we want to use the pastures this fall, should we use encapsulated lime? not sure if that is the term. Thanks for your help!


Columbia County OR over 4 years ago

Transplanting Hydrangea in the fall

Is it okay to prune and transplant my mop head hydrangeas this fall? If so, what steps should I take to make the transfer successful?


Columbia County OR over 3 years ago

Edible white berries

Looking for a plant/bush with edible white berries/native to Oregon. Thank you.


Columbia County OR about 3 years ago

canning mixed vegetables

I would like to can carrots,corn,green beans ,celery,onions w/o tomatoes for soup later. Would you use the longest time on one vegetable like you do in fruit? Thank you.


Columbia County OR 4 months ago

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