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gardening in flood plain area of Warrenton

how to manage area with rock and stones and tolerant plantings in flood plain area of Warrenton?

Clatsop County OR 13 days ago

Plant Identification

Hello, i spotted this near Ft Clatsop on a trail. It was growing next to some Alder and Salal near a small river. Can you please tell me what this is?



Clatsop County OR about 2 years ago

Black worm like insects I've never seen

On our tomatoes and in our compost we are discovering thin black "worms" with pointed head and tails who are eating the tomatoes and some of the unrolled vegetables in our compost. They are solid black, shiny and small. No longer than 1/2 inch.



Clatsop County OR over 6 years ago

Tree getting too big for container

What type of evergreen tree is this? If I take it out of the container and have it planted into the ground, how big will it grow? Approximate height and width. Thank you, Suzanne Cannon


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Clatsop County OR 5 months ago

2020 smal farm school

is there a way to print off or read about each of the 2020 virtual classes and what they entail or will be covering so we know if we want to register for them? In years past we could print off a flyer with all kinds of information, there is nothing on the website that I can find.


Clatsop County OR 5 months ago

Tree health

We are noticing a funny indentation on one side of this tree as well sap now leaking out the side and we’re hoping you could tell us if that meant the tree was unhealthy or diseased. The rest of the tree is in great shape. Also we have this tall stalky plant all over our bank and we’re hoping to identify it so we can get rid of it


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Clatsop County OR over 2 years ago

Clam chowder base

I am going to pressure can clam chowder base. The recipe (XTNS svc website) indicates using salt pork in the base, but if bacon is used it should be added before serving. I would prefer to use bacon in my recipe (no salt pork), but would like to sear it and include it in the canning process. Is there any reason I shouldn't proceed this way?


Clatsop County OR almost 6 years ago

Canning applesauce

I noticed, after the water bath, that I had overfilled a jar of applesauce.It seems to have sealed but has sauce on outside of jar. The process was 2 weeks ago. Is it still okay to eat and if so should I keep it in the frig. Till I open it?


Clatsop County OR about 3 years ago

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