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Rabbit Deterrents

What is the best plant (or plants) to deter rabbits from eating my flowers in a coastal dessert? We do not have abundant water.
Please delete this question. The "Related Questions" provided the answer I require.

San Diego County California over 4 years ago

resources for care givers in my area?

I have a child with SPD, and has an IEP in San Marcos school district. I'd like a nanny for him after school. one who has worked with kids like mine. any resources or programs i should know about? thanks!


San Diego County California over 2 years ago

need help to ID flower

Can someone help me ID this flower? thanks



San Diego County California trees and shrubs plant identification horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

Telephone calls during WW2

Regardless of the cost, how would a person make and receive telephone calls from neutral Switzerland to Britain during WW2? Let me add that I'm writing a spy novel and that the person making/receiving the calls would be a civilian, staying in an average Swiss hotel to a high level official in London during WW2.


San Diego County California almost 5 years ago

Audition Songs

Hello! I'm a 14 year old female soprano who is auditioning for my high school's rendition of In the Heights. I can't seem to find a good audition song that is contemporary, in my range, and contemporary. I hope to land the part of Nina; any songs that would work?


San Diego County California over 6 years ago

international flight plan

If one flew in a private jet plane from France to Britain, would the pilot have to file an international flight plan?


San Diego County California about 3 years ago

Southwestern Swiss mountains

I'm writing a novel that occurs in mid 1940 and am looking for answers to the following two questions:
1. the name of the Swiss mountains one would fly over from Geneva, Switzerland to Lyon, France.
2. assuming one flew in a single engine plane that was used in 1940, approximately how long would it take to fly from Geneva to Lyon?
Thanks for any help,


San Diego County California over 4 years ago

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