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identify this shrub

I will enclose a pic of leaf very similar to those on an unknown multi trunk shrub growing here in Eagle Creek 97022. I didn't plant it, but it IS growing where I did plant a witch hazel long dead now. It is growing really fast (prob over 5' just since spring), in a wet area in sun, and don't think I want to keep it. Could be invasive??? Help!!! Thank you! Sharon


Clackamas County Oregon 10 months ago

round up

Is it a normal practice to use roundup on grain crops to time the harvest for consistancy and moisture content?

I realize this question should not have been asked in this forum. Sorry.

Clackamas County Oregon 12 months ago

Plant name?

Do you what this plant is/what the name is?

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Clackamas County Oregon 12 months ago

farm lease

Does the extension service have a model lease?

Clackamas County Oregon over 2 years ago

Italian plum died - suckers continue

How do I deal with continueing suckers? given your reply -More than likely, your Italian plum was grafted onto a root stock, which provides hardiness and growth regulation, but is not the tree you selected for the fruit production. These suckers may or may not be an edible plum (sometimes they use other Prunus). I would not recommend that you train the suckers, as it will likely never result in a nice tree. Plus, root suckers can be structurally unsound, since they are generated from root systems.

Unfortunately, it sounds like you will have to replant.

Clackamas County Oregon about 3 years ago


We have Arborvitae that are planted in the SE corner of our backyard, they get filtered sun and also are partially covered by Fir tree limbs that hang over our fence. They were planted last year around August 2014. We have been told Arborvitae needs full sun, is this correct, do you have any suggestion as to what the problem might be. We want to replant but are not sure if this is the right location for them

Clackamas County Oregon about 5 years ago

tree bark removed

A small boy, old enough to know better, though, has peeled away an area of bark on the trunk of my conifer - about six inches in diameter. I can see sap oozing out. Is there something I should put on to protect it? He also peeled completely around a two inch segment from a branch near the main trunk of my medium sized Japanese maple tree. Will that branch survive? Thanks for your help! Pat

Clackamas County Oregon about 6 years ago

Canning cauliflower

I would like to include cauliflower pieces in a canned soup base with broth, tomato sauce, chicken, and spices. I find recipes and guidelines only for pickling cauliflower and warnings not to can cauliflower puree. I would appreciate any guidelines or, better yet, a recipe to use as a template.


Clackamas County Oregon about 1 month ago

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