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Old hedge has spreading browning

I sent my hedge question a minute ago but there were no places to upload the image on that screen. I'm attaching it to this one.


Benton County OR horticulture trees and shrubs about 3 years ago

Douglas Fir

My Douglas Fir has bluish/ gray spots on trunk & branches. I've only lived on the property for 2 months. Looks like quite a few branches were removed on north-east side of tree. Is there any hope?

Benton County OR tree health over 3 years ago

A few more weeds

Couldn't send all the weed photos in the one enquiry.

Sam_2070_300x300%2523 Sam_2071_300x300%2523 Sam_2072_300x300%2523

Benton County OR over 3 years ago

Well Testing for Benton County

Do you offer annual well testing services. Can you perform well testing services to tell what minerals are in the water?

Benton County OR over 4 years ago

Onion Sets

When is the best time to plant onion sets?

Benton County OR about 6 years ago

Powdered detergent and septic tanks

I have heard that powdered detergents should not be used if you are on a septic tank. Could you please explain this to me and direct me to some good written material on the subject (so that I can reference it to others)? Thanks!


Benton County OR septic systems almost 7 years ago

Autumn Olive -- invasive or ok in Oregon?

I've been doing some research on whether I can and should grow an autumn olive tree for its fruit and nitrogen fixing abilities. The maps in suggest that autumn olive is already present in the Willammette Valley. When I look up whether the plant is invasive around here, I get a heap of information about it being a problem on the east coast, but I can't find any definitive sources on whether or not it's similarly problematic in Oregon. I don't see it listed as a noxious weed on Additionally, a nursery in Portland lists several varieties of autumn olive for sale with big red warnings about east coast states but no such notes about Oregon (, In the absence of other information, I would err on the side of not planting something which has gotten so badly out of hand elsewhere, but then I realized I could ask you instead! Why is autumn olive so invasive elsewhere, and yet not listed as a problem around here? Can I grow autumn olive safely in Benton County, or should I avoid it?


Benton County OR 11 days ago

Replanting forested land

I was wondering where I could get inexpensive fir trees to replant my property? I live on a forested mountain and the previous owner cut down a lot of firs.


Benton County OR forestry 14 days ago

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