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Food safe oxygen absorbers

I've purchase a large amount of white rice (Jasmin, Basmati) and put into quart canning jars with tight lids. I've been reading about oxygen absorbers and wonder which kind would be the best to use. Also, I've read that oxygen absorbers can kill any bugs that may be in rice, flour, etc. Is that true? Thank you!

Benton County Oregon 7 months ago


I submitted this question a few days ago and received a response. However, I cannot find the emails now. Anyway, We have gladiola that are not opening up. The stalks and buds look very healthy, but the blooms do not open up and they have strange markings on them--white lines, etc. I have planted gladiola in this same location for a number of years, and they were always just fine. Some bulbs are new this year and others are some that I have kept over the years. None of them are right. Is this likely a disease or could it be the soil? Other flowers and vegetables near them are doing well. I usually had lime every spring and I applied NH3 Nitrate along with compost from our lawn clippings, etc. I don't know how to submit pictures except as an attachment to an email. Thanks for your help

Benton County Oregon 7 months ago

Editing to remove the question

Editing to remove the question. This was an accidental double-post.

Benton County Oregon 8 months ago

Old weedy Asparagus bed

Our new home has a bed of asparagus,but it is heavily choked with grass and weeds. Still, the asparagus is trying to keep coming, but not really enough at one time to eat. We love asparagus and would like to help it be successful what should we do? Dig it up and replant? Carefully try to pull all the grass out? I read you should remove the male plants? Thanks for the advice!

Benton County Oregon 10 months ago

Old hedge has spreading browning

I sent my hedge question a minute ago but there were no places to upload the image on that screen. I'm attaching it to this one.


Benton County Oregon over 4 years ago

Douglas Fir

My Douglas Fir has bluish/ gray spots on trunk & branches. I've only lived on the property for 2 months. Looks like quite a few branches were removed on north-east side of tree. Is there any hope?

Benton County Oregon over 4 years ago

A few more weeds

Couldn't send all the weed photos in the one enquiry.

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Benton County Oregon almost 5 years ago

Well Testing for Benton County

Do you offer annual well testing services. Can you perform well testing services to tell what minerals are in the water?

Benton County Oregon over 5 years ago

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