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Old hedge has spreading browning

I sent my hedge question a minute ago but there were no places to upload the image on that screen. I'm attaching it to this one.


Benton County OR horticulture trees and shrubs over 3 years ago

Douglas Fir

My Douglas Fir has bluish/ gray spots on trunk & branches. I've only lived on the property for 2 months. Looks like quite a few branches were removed on north-east side of tree. Is there any hope?

Benton County OR tree health over 3 years ago

A few more weeds

Couldn't send all the weed photos in the one enquiry.

Sam_2070_300x300%2523 Sam_2071_300x300%2523 Sam_2072_300x300%2523

Benton County OR almost 4 years ago

Well Testing for Benton County

Do you offer annual well testing services. Can you perform well testing services to tell what minerals are in the water?

Benton County OR over 4 years ago

Onion Sets

When is the best time to plant onion sets?

Benton County OR over 6 years ago

Powdered detergent and septic tanks

I have heard that powdered detergents should not be used if you are on a septic tank. Could you please explain this to me and direct me to some good written material on the subject (so that I can reference it to others)? Thanks!


Benton County OR septic systems almost 7 years ago

Spanish language pruning resources

Hello! I am looking for some great landscape and/or fruit tree pruning books in Spanish and unfortunately none of the American Horticultural Society books seem to be published in Spanish. Do you have any recommendations for pruning books? Is there a good publisher that does gardening/landscaping books in Spanish that you know of? Thank you! Becky


Benton County OR spanish about 12 hours ago

2,4-D Use

Is Lavender classified as a dicot or a monocot? I am asking as my understanding is that 2,4-D would have no effect on a monocot therefore allowing me to spray 2,4-D on the lavender essentially killing all the dandelions that pop up and require a massive amount of hand weeding. I guess then the ultimate question would be is 2,4-D safe on lavender?


Benton County OR herbicides 24-d lavender 19 days ago

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