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Identify a weed

This plant grows in our alley and has very bright redish-purple colored leaves especially the underside. One main stalk with numerous leaves growing out. The tops of the leaves are slightly green and the leaves are veined distinctly. It comes up every year and we would like to find a name for this pretty weed.


Baker County Oregon plant identification over 2 years ago

can I stack small jars in the canner?

Howdy all, I just finished canning a bunch of quarts of this and that, and now am going to do hot peppers. Since I use pint and half pint jars for them, I was wondering if I can stack one jar on top of another in the canner to get a couple layers in the canner for more efficiency? When in the water bath like that, the weight would be pretty negligible on the jar below, I would think. But I thought I would ask what the 'expert' canners there may know. I am sure an initial rote answer would be no, but what do you know about it being done -successfully or not- any why would it not work? Thanks.


Baker County Oregon home food preservation food safety over 1 year ago

Do muskmelons need to grow in twos?

Can I successfully grow just one muskmelon plant by itself? I have always heard it is best to plant two zucchini plants for a bountiful harvest. Is it the same for muskmelons?


Baker County Oregon melons over 2 years ago

Alkali Soil around our new house site...

What kind of plants and trees grow well in Alkali soil? We get white powder all around our house after a rain. With Landscaping next on our to do list, I am wondering how to best manage our living area. :) We live near Hereford, OR outside of Baker City, OR.


Baker County Oregon soil and fertility issues horticulture over 5 years ago

what is this plant?

Have recently moved to Halfway, Oregon, small rural community in a mountain valley. This plant, which has leaves the size and shape of rhubarb, is popping up all over the property. I haven't a clue about its identity.


Baker County Oregon over 3 years ago


My husband and I moved to Halfway, OR in November. My friend tells me that a plant we have on our septic mound is dangerous to keep around. She says this succulent is very dangerous if you get it in your eyes. I'm wondering if you can tell me about this plant. If I need to get rid of it, what is the best way?


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Baker County Oregon horticulture plant identification over 2 years ago

Hawthorn Berries

Can you help me verify that the plants on my land are Hawthorn? I'm 95% positive that they are, but they have black berries instead of red. From what I understand, there are hundreds of different varieties. Also, how would one go about marketing wild crafted Hawthorn berries? Thank you for your time. Marsha L. Wilson


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Baker County Oregon horticulture over 3 years ago

grass crop suggrsted

I have some old pasture mostly Bermuda grass that I lightly disked to aerate and harrowed. I am not ab le to irrigate. what would you recommend I seed that will root in the shallow seedbed, that I can hay and then graze.


Baker County Oregon pastures and grazing pastures and forages over 4 years ago

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