Washington County, Oklahoma

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ground nesting bees

I ran across a ground nesting bee while mowing yesterday, but it resembled a honey bee more than the bumble bee type I expected. When I went out to inspect the nest this AM hoping to identify the bee, I found the nest had been dug out and all of the larva casings scattered around on the ground. They are gone now, but I am curious. Can anyone tell me what I saw? Mostly, are they pollinators? Thanks.


Washington County OK almost 7 years ago

redbud seed pods

What should I do with the seed pods on my redbud? Take them off or leave them on?


Washington County OK 2 months ago

What type of wild grape is this plant.

This is growing on a fence in my yard. This house was empty for 6 years and no one knows what kind it is.




Washington County OK about 4 years ago

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