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Please tell me what this signature is

2.2 pound ivory statue, not sure if its worth anything or not


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Tulsa County OK almost 5 years ago

yeast bread in a bag.

I am looking for the instructions for making yeast bread in a bag.


Tulsa County OK almost 7 years ago


Can I purchase blooming Texas Bluebonnet flowers and have them shipped to Oklahoma so I can transplant them? I'm needing to plant them in Oklahoma for a photoshoot. I cannot find them growing/for sale anywhere in Oklahoma. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you,
Thalia Douglas


Tulsa County OK over 5 years ago

Little Black Bugs that Fly

We have seen these bugs mostly in our kitchen and bathroom areas. What are they and how can we get rid of them???



Tulsa County OK almost 2 years ago

Worms inside my beans :/ ?

I have noticed in my latest batch of beans (white navy beans, I think) there are light pink strands of something resembling worms. What are they?
I want to think they are not worms, but if they are then I am trying to think of the extra protein and nutrients they provide. My revulsion and uncertainty of what they are is giving me indigestion :(

I may have overlooked these particles in past batches, but this last time it grossed me out because I thought they were worms.


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Tulsa County OK almost 6 years ago

I am looking for a bulb to plant now, early November, that will bloom in...

I am looking for a bulb to plant now, early November, that will bloom in spring. The area is almost full shade. What would you recommend?


Tulsa County OK almost 7 years ago

Color classification

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows what color classification a tanish light brown lion head would be. She has a black zig zag on her back.


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Tulsa County OK over 3 years ago

Is this poison ivy?

i could not tell if this is poison ivy



Tulsa County OK almost 5 years ago

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