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Box elder bug or?

Are box elder bugs related to metacoryphus literalis ? I live in Hesperia CA. How can they be controlled?
Thank you,

Don Neely

San Bernardino County California about 5 years ago

What is this tree?

is growing in my backyard and I'm curious what the name of it is

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San Bernardino County California over 5 years ago

Atmospheric moisture harvesting

There are various types of atmospheric water harvesting devices using dessicants, refrigerants, and MOFs. Does Colorado have any restrictions on the use of this technology?


San Bernardino County California 3 months ago

Dried beans in Mexico or Chile

Do they use more insecticides in the growing of dried beans than we do here in America. Do they have the same kind of regulations that we have here in let’s say California?


San Bernardino County California about 2 years ago

Egyptian pin

I received a pin my mother bought at Joclyn Art Museum in Omaha, NE a number of years ago. I would love to know if anyone can identify its meaning.



San Bernardino County California over 5 years ago

Orange body, black legs pointy egg sacs

A spider I will describe as having an orange body, long black jointed legs and egg sacs resembling the Covid19 virus has made its home in a folded leaf on my passionflower vine. Poisonous or not? Good for my garden or a danger to my grandsons? Any information is greatly appreciated.


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San Bernardino County California 26 days ago

Fungus or mold how do I get rid of it

This morning I noticed on my bell pepper that has not been doing well once we planted it in the ground couple weeks ago today I noticed some white fungus or mold on it what do I do



San Bernardino County California over 3 years ago

small purple butter cup flower

trying to figure out what type of plant this is or a weed. it is a volunteer but not sure to help it or remove it


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San Bernardino County California about 4 years ago

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