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Im building a frame for my mobile toolbox at work and i need to buy casters to put on it. The toolbox will be 600 -1000lbs. Around 5 ft long and will roll on concrete. I need it to roll with ease because i move it around a concrete floored shop quite a bit everyday. And they need to last so that i can weld them to my frame and not have to replace them for awhile. What kind of caster should i use?


Cullman County AL over 4 years ago

trimming cypress

Can a Leyland Cypress that is about 15 feet tall, be trimmed at the bottom to get the limbs off the ground? will it look right?


Cullman County AL almost 3 years ago

Hemp in Alabama

Is there a market for growing hemp in Alabama?


Cullman County AL hemp hemp production agriculture over 3 years ago

Thank you for this service! I have an old philodendron plant that as of the...

Thank you for this service! I have an old philodendron plant that as of the past few months has been putting out thin,almost transparent leaves. They'll grow upright, then develop yellow and brown spots that eventually make the leaves droop, curl up, then die. Have always kept in the basement in wintertime. Took to back porch this weekend (used to thrive in its particular spot). Please advise.


Cullman County AL over 4 years ago

Pasture grass allergy 'flyers' concern

What kind of plant could produce seeds this time of year that fly around in the air, look like snowflakes ~ umbrella shaped & stick to you & make you sneeze?
Ruling out dandelion ~ Sage grass? What can I apply to kill it off besides cutting or bushhogging. I have already limed the pasture to get rid of unwanted weeds.
THANK YOU in advance. PKDixie ~ Cullman, Ala.


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Cullman County AL over 6 years ago

Lawn Burr WEEDS

Could you please identify these 'Prickly' weeds taking over my lawn? And what to use to get rid of them? Never had this problem before ~ would like to keep the grass growing. However, these burrs are taking over and injuring my pets & kids feet. "OUCH" Like to go out barefoot around the pool. JPG's attached.


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Cullman County AL horticulture weed issues over 3 years ago

Found this baby snake, what is it.

This is the second one found, first was dead, this little one is alive. Should I worry?



Cullman County AL snakes snake identification over 3 years ago

Is this a fungus growing on my lawn?

Please find attached some photos of my lawn grass which has some kind of "growth" in spotty areas and is spreading like wildfire all over. Can you please identify this problem and tell me what product to use to manage it? I am located in northern Alabama.


Grass_fungus_003_300x300%2523 Grass_fungus_008_300x300%2523 Grass_fungus_007_300x300%2523

Cullman County AL lawns and turf lrk over 4 years ago

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