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Recovery from Powdery Mildew - canteloupes, Oklahoma

Recently discovered powdery mildew on very healthy patch of melons. Instructions from all sources said to remove affected leaves. That included ALL the leaves. I then treated with tebuconazol.

My question is this: will the canteloupe recover?

There were close to 100 babies growing when the disease happened. Now it doesn't look like any are still growing. What do I do now?


Pottawatomie County Oklahoma about 5 years ago

I have a plant that no one seems to know what it actually is. Can someone...

I have a plant that no one seems to know what it actually is. Can someone please help? It seems to be very hardy and, it grows very easily.



Pottawatomie County Oklahoma about 6 years ago

Premature calf

One of our Angus cows had her first calf. It has to be at least 1 month early. Not sure the calf got the first milk or not. We watched and didn't ever see her nurse. Brought her and mother to barn, milked mom, and bottle fed the calf. Eating well. She has developed blue cloudy eyes. The vet is treating with prescription ointment and antibiotics. My question is: Do you think that her eyesight will get better as she gets older? Right now she can't see. Is that a common thing? Do you think the drought is causing premature births?


Pottawatomie County Oklahoma almost 8 years ago

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