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What is this plant?

There are so many plants at my new home that I don't know what all of them are. There's tons of this growing unchecked. There's also a purple variety that isn't as large. They're starting to get tiny, light purple flowers on them as well. And the leaves have a fragrance. Something that reminds me of mint, maybe?


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Okmulgee County OK almost 5 years ago

garlic and mint as dewormers

Hi there! Y'all are bring referenced on the internet as having tested the efficacy of mint and garlic together for parasite control in chickens. I can't find the paper on your website, so I figured I would ask instead of wonder if such a study had ever been done. Thanks, Tinah King 918-991-3078


Okmulgee County OK almost 5 years ago

Glyphosate is not safe..

My neighbors Preston public schools have been spraying for 7 yrs I've buried6 dogs due to cancer..it's in the soil my dogs lay in causing cancer to develop in the mamory glands..what can i do to make them stop spraying this crap?


Okmulgee County OK about 1 year ago

What do you spray on fruit trees? How often do you spray? Do you have a...

What do you spray on fruit trees? How often do you spray? Do you have a schedule?


Okmulgee County OK over 5 years ago

Berries growing in my yard

There are berries growing along my side yard fence and I don't know what kind. I was hoping someone could identify them for me and let me know if they are edible or not. I've got small children and don't want anyone getting sick if they accidentally/sneakishly eat some.


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Okmulgee County OK almost 4 years ago

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