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Oak tree leaves falling in summer?

I have what I think is an oak tree that has been losing it's leaves all summer. Is this something I can treat if this is a pest or disease? Thanks!


Oklahoma County OK about 5 years ago

Unhealthy Oak Tree

My big oak tree has been losing leaves all summer in large amounts. The leaves start to get blotchy and brown some before falling off.

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Oklahoma County OK almost 5 years ago

mushroom compost safety

Is mushroom compost a safe medium for cannabis cultivation?


Oklahoma County OK over 1 year ago

Rock identification

I was cleaning out my house and I found a rock that looks like a meteorite it's really heavy fits in my hand and seems like it's made up of a metal composite and right beside it was a rock about the same size but it's dark red really really Red Rock kind of like a glass-like substance I was wondering what they are


Oklahoma County OK over 1 year ago


I have some rocks that i need to find out what they are



Oklahoma County OK over 2 years ago

Snake in backyard in Oklahoma City

Can you identify this snake I caught and relocated from my backyard and released it safely elsewhere.



Oklahoma County OK over 1 year ago

Don't know what kind of worm this is

I need someone to tell me what kind of worm i found on my living room floor please


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Oklahoma County OK 5 months ago

Altitude Change Effect Pressure Canned foods?

Will foods pressure canned in OKC, OK be okay to take up into the mountains? Or will they explode, rot, etc? I'm on a road trip going as far north as Montana and Washington state, and before I left I canned a lot of food. It hit me as we got into Colorado that the altitude change might be an issue...will it be?


Oklahoma County OK about 7 years ago

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