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Trimming EverGreens

I Have 2 Trees, abit overgrown!The folage is more of a pattern.Like a douley.6 inches below pattern just single limbs! Need to be trimmed back conciderbly!! The trees are In front of property at main drive. Planning to concrete drive between them. Like trees and want to keep them!!!! Please Advise!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!


Logan County OK over 4 years ago

Baled straw for planting

I want to try using strawbales for planting in My garden. I know that I need to pre-treat the starw-bales, with fertilizer, but would like to have a few more details, about watering in the fertilizer, and the time-frame, before I can use these strawbales for planting.


Logan County OK 6 months ago

How soon do I water after clothianidin granular is applied to grass

Our lawn was treated today with clothianidin granular Do we water same day. If so. How much ".thought they said to water. ASAP. Same day. To make sure granulated dksllve But oddly a main water line broke down the road. It's been 9 )hours now We just got water restore. Low pressure. But restored It's this going to be a problem because we waited the 9 )hours


Logan County OK almost 4 years ago

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