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problem solved, have answer

We had a 10 lb package of chicken that was thawed due to freezer malfunction. It has been thawed in a sealed bag for 48 hours. Is it safe to use?

Riverside County California over 3 years ago

Identity Zimbabwe stone carving necklace

I've had this for a while now and was just wondering what it is. I think its a lovers stone but I'm not to sure.



Riverside County California almost 4 years ago

'Deflate gate'

Could deflate gate be explained by the equation: P•V= (n•r)/T?
If the ball was inflated to 11.5 psi before the game inside a warm room and then is outside in the extreme cold for 3 + hours, often compressed, then tested


Riverside County California almost 6 years ago

Have a cottonless cottonwood. Assume it's a poplar. Split on the West side...

Have a cottonless cottonwood. Assume it's a poplar. Split on the West side exposing the heartwood, prox 5 feet long. Unseasonable leaf dron. Never goes to full leaf. Prox 10 years old. Some branches are dead. on one side of tree, north side. dry and brittle. Hollow sound on some areas of bark on the main trunk, while others sound solid. Have applied 10.10.10 slow acting fertilizer in the outer root zone. Deep water about every other day. (we are under water restriction here) Avg temp during the day is around 101F. Sandy Alluvial soil. Tree is under full sunlight.


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Riverside County California about 5 years ago

help identify tree root

if i sent a pic of a tree root could you help me identify it, i got it at a thrift store it seems very unique its very long and wavy.


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Riverside County California about 5 years ago

What spider is this

Found this in my bath tub and it creeped me out because I've seen plenty of spiders but not one quite like this. Its size was about half of an index finger.


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Riverside County California over 3 years ago

What is this plant?

This is some kind of weed growing in my garden. Sometimes it smells like parsley and sometimes almost like broccoli. What is it? Thanks!


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Riverside County California over 4 years ago

My Maytag refrigerator's front control panel has no power.


I have a Maytag fridge (Model MFI2569YEM0) that quit cooling / freezing a few days ago. Symptoms are:

1: Lights are on in the fridge and freezer.

2: The control panel on the left door no longer lights up.

3: The fridge no longer cools or freezes.

If you know what part has failed I'd sure appreciate any info. you can give.

Thank you,



Riverside County California about 5 years ago

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