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Vitamin D

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Professor at MIT (they now see molecules) has shown vitamin d level is the marker for health in humans and with the research now coming out about cattle being not only much healthier but also the meat is tender do you know the healthy level in cattle. There is a five year study trying to find anyone with cancer vitamin d level over 50 but I cannot find the number is expected health in cattle even from animal expert studies.

Kay County OK about 5 years ago

Name that Snake

I'm trying to ID this snake. This one was captured and release about a year ago. Then to Day I had a bigger version of the same snake about 2 ft in length strike at me by the porch steps and take off. Just trying to figure out what I'm dealing with.

Thank You



Kay County OK about 4 years ago

Day lilies

I have noticed a growth on my day lilies for about a week. Not quite sure what it is or how to treat it.



Kay County OK 3 months ago

FICA withholding working partime while drawing SS benefits.

FICA withholding is being withheld from my part time work and I am drawing my SS benefits. Will my SS check increase because of this?


Kay County OK about 3 years ago

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