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Is this a Hobo Spider?

I live in Portola, California (elev. 5,000 ft) and this spider type and black widows (easy to identify) are living in my garage - among others. Thanks for info on ID and maybe a reference website for Northern California spiders. Thank you!


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Plumas County California almost 4 years ago

Ripe or not ripe

Dear Friends:

The straw berries that we purchase from our stores and very green and white inside and hard.
They have no taste or aroma. I believe they are picked way too early. When I purchase them
at a strawberry farm they are very good. What should a strawberry when ready to eat look like on the inside?
Thanks, Joe Yakimow.


Plumas County California over 3 years ago

Raspberry like clusters

What might this be? I think it was brought in on a construction vehicle because Russian Thistle was growing near it and I've never seen either plant in this area. The upright plant is about 18" high, later bending over to trail on ground and covered all down the stems in red berry clusters originating at the leaves. The berries are slightly sweet and tinier than raspberries. The branches are fragile - it looks a lot like Beauty Berry, but the leaves are not that shape and the berries are bright red.


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Plumas County California about 5 years ago

What is this plant?

I recently bought a plant in Portola California and don't know what it is, can you help?



Plumas County California over 4 years ago

saving my older lilac bushes

I must move my lilac bushes .They are very old . Also it is winter here in the mountains (ca) where I live. Is there any way I can save them ? My father planted them 30 + years ago. They were my mothers favorite flower. As you can see, I am very sentijmental and would very much appreciate your suggestion.

they were my mothers favorite flower


Plumas County California over 6 years ago

dying aspen trees

trying to figure out what is causing my trees to die. it start off with leaves turning brown and then the limb dies and continues through the tree


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Plumas County California about 3 years ago

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