Garvin County, Oklahoma

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Care for this plant

I am not sure what this fragile plant is. I received it as a funeral floral from my mother's funeral. Leaves are slightly oval, 1 inch in length x 3/4 inch width. Leave are medium green in color but not glossy or shiny. The stems are 1/4 inch for the main stalks and 1/8 inch for the branch stems. It was full and luscious 8 weeks ago but the soil has a tendency to stay dry despite the use of a watering globe. Now the leaves and stems are dying awaking off. Can this plant be saved? How do I care for it? Saving it would mean a lot to me.


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Garvin County OK almost 5 years ago

What is ground ivy or Pennywort? It grows in yards and keeps the grass from growing.

My father-in-law lives in Durham, North Carolina and he says it is raining every day and this stuff is growing in both full sun and shade. It is not allowing the grass to grow.


Garvin County OK about 7 years ago

Spraying trees

I built flower beds around my trees which are this year (cherry) and last year(peach) the beds are about 50”X60” and they are built out of 12” by 6” stones which makes them about 18” tall. I have strawberry plants in these planters, my question is will spraying dormant oil or sulfur or copper hurt the strawberry plants or me if I consume it or get it on my skin?



Garvin County OK 9 months ago

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