Garfield County, Oklahoma

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Baby toads in flower bed

I use city water to keep flowers growing. Will this affect the numerous baby roads that have moved in? They are moving into the toad houses we have built. I’ really love to keep them for pest control. I don’t use insecticide



Garfield County Oklahoma over 1 year ago

what is this

as a kid we dug earthworms on red rock creek in okla for fishing,the worms were huge and very tough ,ive never found these worms again wanted to know what type of earthworm this was,the soil was clayish


Garfield County Oklahoma 6 months ago

Weed killers for monkey grass

I have some monkey grass that I planted in a high shade area and it is filling in nicely. Last year my guy that sprays for weeds skipped over that because he wasn't sure if it was OK to use his normal weed killer on it. Before I call him, I thought I would check and see what you recommended. Thanks for your help.


Garfield County Oklahoma 8 months ago

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