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Live Oak tree with Black Spots on Leaves

We have 5 live oak trees and are worried that this tree's problem could spread to the others.This tree has a sentimental value since it was a house gift from my wife's parents 18 years ago, whom have since both passed on. About a year ago this tree started losing some of its leaves. It has been dropping leaves (off and on but mostly ON) with these black spots. I paid someone to come out and investigate. He said it really looked healthy. No dead spots, anywhere, and said it might be a fungus but other than watering it and putting a drench on it for insects anually, there was nothing else to do, and the tree is FINE. We like our yard to be neat and clean. We are very concerned about the tree and tired of continually raking its leaves. Please take a look and help us with any suggestions you may have. Thank You, SMM


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Ellis County TX almost 6 years ago

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