Delaware County, Oklahoma

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Peachish shroom?

What kind of mushrooms are these? Found my kids playing with them are they poison?



Delaware County OK about 1 year ago

begonia disease

Top of leaves turning white, what is the cause?


Delaware County OK over 6 years ago


How do I get rid of badgers didging under the concrete overhang of my deck


Delaware County OK about 4 years ago

false bamboo

is this the plant that has red berries in the winter


Delaware County OK about 2 years ago

Sour potting soil

I purchased several bags of potting soil that contained fertilizer and they laid on the ground for the entire winter. I have opened several bags and they are wet and smell sour. Can they be dried out and used or are they not suitable to container planting? I have already used it to repot a bush because at the time, I wasn't sure about the soil and felt that it would dry out. Should I take it out of that soil and repot the plant? Also, I have other plants and flowers to pot. Should I use this soil or buy new? Thank you! Janet


Delaware County OK over 1 year ago

What mushroom is this

Does anybody know what this is



Delaware County OK about 2 years ago

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