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Why do you folks advocate the use of Monsanto Roundup for the control of bamboo? Pleased research the side effects to Mother Earth with the use of Roundup.


Placer County California over 6 years ago

mold removal

How do you remove mold from cement and dirt areas in a backyard


Placer County California over 3 years ago

What is this plant's official name?

I have a couple of plants that need to be identified as I have used them for a terrarium biology project. For the report I need to know their official names and as of right now, I do not know their names. Please help!


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Placer County California over 4 years ago

Pickling Peppers

How much vinegar or citric acid would have to be added to the salt solution to make it safe to pickle pepperoccini without boiling off? I understand that the issue is the PH of the solution/vegetable to avoid botulism. I wish to avoid boiling because it softens the finished peppers. It is my understanding that altering the PH by using vinegar is how commercial manufacturers avoid having to boil off their product and therefore allowing them to remain crisp.


Placer County California over 7 years ago

Can you identify this weed growing in my lawn?

We've had a hot summer in northern California. After vacation, I noticed a couple of patches of very tight, fine blue/grey/greenish patches of grass in my lawn. A local nursery could not identify it. The weed is very dense and appears to be spreading above soil in the thick of other grasses.


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Placer County California about 6 years ago

Oak Tree Growth

There is a bright yellow sponge-like growth on the base and side of one of my Oak trees. What is it? Is it fatal to my tree?


Placer County California about 5 years ago

Disinfecting with vinegar over bleach

I've heard of using vinegar as a disinfectant, then I've read it really doesn't work. I have wooden counter tops that have been stained and when I use bleach water on them I notice the stain lightening up, and you can see stain on the sponge or paper towels that I use. From what I've read I could get away with using vinegar for a few weeks, then might want to use the bleach to do an extra deep cleaning. I would also need to use bleach on the cutting board when working with meat to make sure I've killed the bacteria that vinegar can't remove. Is what I'm saying correct, or can I just stick with the vinegar. I'd like to learn more natural ways of cleaning because over the years I've become intolerant to chemicals, I get sick using them. Can you give me some advise please?!!


Placer County California over 3 years ago

Blueberry Disease or Pests

Hi. Hope someone can help. I have 5 blueberry plants Misty, South Moon. All have adequate irrigation and slow release fertilizer. They get about 4 hours of morning sun. Shade afternoon. This is a new problem that appears to be spreading. See images. Early new tip growth dies back-to red then black. Berries dry up and fall off from clusters. Some may be okay later. I've sprayed these, but my timing is late...I think.


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Placer County California 5 months ago

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