Comanche County, Oklahoma

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Unknown plant

I have a bunch of these plants in the back field of my rural property, but I can't figure out what it is. It grows on small bushes and smells like sage.


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Comanche County OK almost 4 years ago

I'm not sure which plant this is.

I found this while walking on a dirt road in Southwest Oklahoma. Do you have any idea what it may be?


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Comanche County OK about 4 years ago

unknown fast grower

Please help me ifentify this plant. I took a few pieces from my Grandmothers backyard planter that was there when she bought the house. I placed them in dirt and from fall to today they have rooted and grown into this...


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Comanche County OK almost 4 years ago

Curious as to what these guys are hanging around the library.

I saw these guys hanging out under some dusty shelves in a library. They varied in size but they all had the same color and shape?



Comanche County OK almost 3 years ago

Frogs and chlorinated water.

I want to put some frogs in a small backyard garden where they can eat bugs. However, I water the garden regularly with a hose and sprayer. Will the chlorinated water be harmful to the frogs if they get sprayed? I found a dead frog in the garden, and I am wondering if the chlorinated water killed it.


Comanche County OK almost 5 years ago

ID this plant, please?

I am fairly certain it is an Aloe plant, but would like confirmation. Also, care tips and repotting tips would be appreciated! I am sure it will outgrow its current pot.



Comanche County OK almost 4 years ago

Shipping Frozen Food

I have small quantities of beef and cheesecake that I need to ship. Both will be frozen. What is the best way to ship these food items.


Comanche County OK over 5 years ago

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