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ice damage tree debris cleanup cost

After our ice storm in December many of our agriculture producers are trying to cleanup pastures pecan orchards etc. What is the average price per acre or per hour to use a 65 - 70 hp tractor with a grapple bucket to clear downed limbs?


Choctaw County Oklahoma almost 7 years ago

Tomato plants dying

On one side of the garden, my tomato plants are dying. The leaves started curling, then browning, then dying. After reading a few posts I think it is a fungus????
On the other side I saw bugs on my tomato plants. I use sevin yesterday, but they are still there living and kicking today. Could it be that this bug is killing my first tomato plants or is it a fungus. Also what are those bugs and what can I use to get rid of them.
Also, I did not have 1 tomato this year, but reading the posts I think the nights are too hot.


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Choctaw County Oklahoma over 4 years ago

Invasive plant

This grows in my pond starting on the outside and growing towards the center of the pond. This year it started to invade my other pond. I need to get rid of this


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Choctaw County Oklahoma over 4 years ago

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