Cherokee County, Oklahoma

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Killing pine trees in northeastern Oklahoma

I have noticed beautiful pine trees dying in our area just north of Tahlequah along Hey 82A. In only two days I have seen perfectly healthy looking trees turn completely brown. We have ants on our trees but I am not seeing any other insects. I did see sap running down the trunks higher in the trees. What is killing them?


Cherokee County OK about 2 years ago

What is it?

Given to me by Fila Pino lady whom I sell with at Farmers Market. She calls it Elephant head. Locks like a form of dock?



Cherokee County OK about 4 years ago

Elephant ears mowed over

The person who mowed my yard mowed over some of my elephant ears that had just come up. Will this kill them? They are not new. They have been there several years


Cherokee County OK 4 months ago

Bitten by unk insect

The insect in the attached image bit me earlier, so far my searches have been fruitless. I'm not an idiot I'm at a hospital and knowing what I've been bitten by would expedite the process ty!.



Cherokee County OK almost 7 years ago

boring worms

how do I get rid of wood boring worms they have killed 7 trees in my yard this winter


Cherokee County OK over 7 years ago

bed bug infestation

Is there fnding or help for getting rid of bed bugs or help with paying for foggers or other treatment for low income families?



Cherokee County OK over 2 years ago

Conservation practices limiting phosphorus runoff

Does OSU extension keep any data related to landowner adoption of conservation practices designed to limit phosphorus runoff?


Cherokee County OK almost 6 years ago

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