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Why are my recently planted Ash tree leaves turning black on the end of the...

Why are my recently planted Ash tree leaves turning black on the end of the leaves?

Orange County California about 5 years ago

Why green figs rot

I have 3-4 year old brown turkey fig tree in So. California. It was producing very good fruits all these years. I usually cut all branches during winter because it's growing in a small yard between two buildings and I've been told that by cutting branches I can keep root system smaller.

Anyway, this year I have many new branches with great green foliage and many green figs. As figs started ripen I've noticed that many of them start rot while still green, or even more precisely when they just start ripening and semi-soft. Some of them are opening up around flower spot at the bottom and juice starting coming out. Because they're still hard and greenish I keep them on the tree, however next day they start rot (I can smell it vinegary-sour). I don't understand why it's not ripening normally. Can anybody help? Jacob

Orange County California about 5 years ago


I live in Southern California and I'd like to know is Osmocote 14-14-14 good for fruit plants in general ? How is Osmocote effects Dragon Fruit plants ?


Orange County California about 4 years ago

Paired T-Test Pre and Post Data analysis SPSS

Can I use a Paired T-Test in SPSS to analyze pre and post test scores of ONE participant (Case Study)?


Orange County California almost 4 years ago

Cowboys vs patriots

Will the Cowboys beat the patriots this Sunday ?


Orange County California almost 5 years ago

Mango preservation

I have 2 questions. 1) I dried some mangoes in an Excalibur dehydrator. Internet instructions indicate to store them in the refrigerator. I have never done this with any of my dried fruit before. Is that really necessary or I can store at room temp? 2) I also made some mango jam but used 1 cup of lemon juice and 2 c of water in place of the 3 cups of vinegar in the recipe. I'm thinking that this would make it low acid. Could I safely process that in a pressure cooker? Unfortunately, unless I see if I can borrow one from a friend, the only pressure cooker I have is an Instant Pot. The manual states that the operating pressure is 11lbs of pressure. Could I use that?


Orange County California over 3 years ago

What kind of spider is this?

I found it in my bed and have noticed bites on myself for the last several months. Is it bad? Poisonous? I also got bit by something in my backyard. Those are the first two pictures. The third picture is the one I found in my bed. I don't know what bit me outside.


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Orange County California almost 3 years ago

I believe I'm being poisoned

I have diareah, fatigue, nasseua, dizzyness, bumps on tongue, red rash, previously my joints swelled and enven blistered and popped on my toes. I know too much and person has tried to kill me in past. Cindy Lay 657-273-1052



Orange County California about 3 years ago

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