Caddo County, Oklahoma

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Cucumber plants not flowering

I have several cucumber plants. One is producing flowers and seems to have both male and female flowers. The others were planted later because I had something eating off the entire plant about 2” above the ground. The late plants have no flowers at all. They get lots of sun and I water the base of each plant daily. The wire mesh you see in the pictures was completely covering the later plants from the time I planted the seeds until they were starting to get crowded. This was done to keep away whatever it was eating the young plants. Then I opened it recently to allow them to grow.Thank you for your help!


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Caddo County OK about 2 years ago

capillary worms/earthworm host

How can I kill out the earth worms and not harm the bobwhite quail that are housed in the pen. Birds are dying from this parasite


Caddo County OK almost 6 years ago

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