Bryan County, Oklahoma

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Oak Bloom Stains

How can I remove the stains on my new concrete that occurs when the oak trees bloom and the blooms fall during rain.


Bryan County OK over 6 years ago

planting & tending to new fruit trees

I read many different theories about how much water to give new apple and pear trees. We just planted them today, and was told to mix soil half and half with tree & shrub fertile soil mix, which we did. Then I was told I should not have done that. Can you please give me some advice? We have trenched around it, but then read to mound the dirt. We packed it, and then was told we should have left it loose! I am very confused as to what to do! How often should we water them?
I live on the OK/Texas border.


Bryan County OK about 7 years ago


In the last week we have lost 3 chickens. We have a secure cage & roosting area, but let them free range during the day. We have found no feathers, nor have we heard any signs of distress. We are outside a good portion of the day & the chickens are very human friendly, following us around. On two occasions, we saw the chickens that went missing less than an hour away from time they go to roost, & we were in the backyard the entire afternoon. Yet when we went to secure the coop, two were missing. We searched, & found no signs of any distress. And being outside in close proximity you'd think we would have heard some sounds such as squawking or rusteling. What type predator leaves nothing behind? We searched a wide range the next morning & still nothing. Just gone. Then two days later, we lost the third, our rooster. Again, no signs. We've kept the rest (5) penned since then. We do intend to replace them, & building a much larger coop so we can keep them penned & safe. But we'd like to know what we might be dealing with. We also have 4 ducks that each morning fly to our pond that's approximately 1/2 city block away from our country home. They return to the yard & their own ooop & secure sleeping area. Even though they fly in mornings, they instead always walk back to the house & go into their pen by themselves. They will usually come to the house at least once sometimes more for snacks during the day, or if something shows up at pond they want us to get rid of; even wild ducks or cranes that land at the pond. It's funny since they will approach us & begin telling us they need our help. We will ask them what's wrong, & they start in again with their explanation actions. We always go to th e pond & they follow us . It might even be a turtle or frogs on a log, etc that will of course jump into the water as we approach. The ducks are then happy & stay there while we go home. So far, they have been safe from whatever got the hens & rooster. There are no dogs around, & all our other animals are very tolerant of the fowl. They eat together & play together. Please help us. Thank you.


Bryan County OK over 3 years ago

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