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Little black bugs with wings

Help I have a little black bug that just showed up at my house at first I

thought it was an ant but they have wings. They seem to hang out by my big French doors. I am freaking myself out what they are and hoping they are no danger to my family or our pets!! I want them gone! Please help



Tuscarawas County Ohio about 3 years ago

Do you know what this is?

Do you know what this is?



Tuscarawas County Ohio 6 months ago

Large maple tree. (bark torn off), in accident. I need someone to assess the...

Large maple tree. (bark torn off), in accident. I need someone to assess the tree and determine if it is survivable. I live in Baltic. No luck so are, as only known expert doesn't serve Baltic.


Tuscarawas County Ohio 4 months ago

What is this bug we found it by Fresno Ohio on 2/23/17 it was flying around...

What is this bug we found it by Fresno Ohio on 2/23/17 it was flying around then landed on the ceiling fan it was around 9:00pm



Tuscarawas County Ohio over 3 years ago

Dear Expert: My wife would like to begin selling her homemade canned salsa...

Dear Expert: My wife would like to begin selling her homemade canned salsa through a local retail store who is interested. What is involved to make sure all things are in order in terms of licensing, etc.? Thanks, A Miller


Tuscarawas County Ohio about 7 years ago

Canning Carrots Raw vs Cooked

I don't have a Pressure cooker. Could I cook the carrots for 30 mins to an hr to make them cooked then canne them and then cook them in a hot Bath to make them seal? Or What are the steps I would use to Canned Carrots without a pressure cooker?


Tuscarawas County Ohio 2 months ago

If factory farms are required to add fencing, buffers, screening who enforces it?

No matter how large or small, farms located next to neighboring homes ask for trouble if they add more animals then their land can hold. Not only are the farmers disrespectful of their neighbors enjoyment of their own properties, but they have no concern for others health. Neighbors can tolerate a handful of animals while they live in agriculture zoned areas, but when they pay property taxes on rural residential acreages and are located in small communities with each living on one acre plots, with each property having separate wells and septic systems, the next door farm should know better then to enlarge his farm from a handful of animals to hundreds more requiring more buildings. This has naturally caused anger from all nearby neighbors, but since it is agriculture, no one will take on this matter with the odors, the noises and the dust. Because the farm is considered small( not to the neighbors), nothing can be done....no one will listen..... we are told to contact a different agency and totally get the run around. Not even the county health department will return our calls or respond to our letters. We all would like to put up fencing, tall shrubs and screening, but feel that the farm should do this and pay the cost. Plus, to block out all the nuisances the buffering and screening should be located as close as possible to the farm buildings with the animals and the manure. My question is who specifically does one ask to check out this site: is fencing only done out of respect at some farms, or can it be required or mandated or expected? Or is this just a civil matter that the courts decide in a lawsuit? If this is our only option will the Right to Farm Act or Farm Bureau kick in to help protect the farmer? Selling and moving is not a option since now our property values have been reduced and no one will want to live this close to such a large nuisance right next door. By the way, the farmer has only about 2.5 acres in the middle of nice ranch homes, alongside a fairway of a golf course, so you can see why we do not want to move. Why this farmer wants to live here and farm is a good question also.


Tuscarawas County Ohio almost 7 years ago

Chicken farming

Is it possible to operate a

chicken farm on property classified as
residual property. Tuscarawas county has property classified as 1 acre res. the remaining acres as residual . Our trustees say there is nothing they can do to stop it. We do have cauv property In the area and are zoned R4 .


Tuscarawas County Ohio almost 7 years ago

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