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what is this flower found it in nappa

Found in nappa .? Flower where is seed to reproduce
peggy k



Napa County California over 4 years ago

Weed or Ivy

Is this photo a weed or a plant? It seems to be growing in with the English ivy.



Napa County California over 4 years ago

Brown spots on dogwood tree leaves

We have a dogwood tree that has brown spots all over the leaves . What can we do and what is it that is causing it


Napa County California about 4 years ago

Norfolk Pine - Death of lower branches

While my tree has been happy and healthy for the past five years, it seems to be having a thinning of branches at the lower levels. The tree is about 3.5 feet tall and the bottom twelve inches have a bark-like appearance to the trunk and limbs. The top is sprouting new growth both in height and limbs but the once full bottom is definitely thinning. Is this normal? Can I do something to prevent further limb loss?


Napa County California over 5 years ago

crown gall

what can I do to control crown gall on grape vines ?


Napa County California almost 7 years ago

White raspberries

I am a culinary gardener at a winery in the Napa Valley. The chef has requested that I plant a row of white raspberries. I am having difficulty finding finding white raspberry plants. Can you help me locate these plants?


Napa County California almost 4 years ago

What is this bug?

This bug was swarming around dusk after a very warm day. Several got into the house & I took some photos. The better defined photos were taken with a vivid filter but their color is more like the blurrier photos. They are (maximum) 1/4" long. ***APPARENTLY THIS COULD BE A CANKERWORM***


*1screen_shot_2015-06-09_at_8.38.03_am_300x300%2523 *2screen_shot_2015-06-09_at_8.38.29_am_300x300%2523 Cankerworm_300x300%2523

Napa County California over 5 years ago

What kind of spider is this?

My cat was playing with this spider in my living room, this is the first time I have ever seen this kind of spider here at my house or just in general. It’s a little bit bigger than a quarter. I don’t live near mountains, rivers or the woods. If anyone could help I would appreciate it! Thank you!!


045a1458-e2f6-478a-815b-4e4637d87012_300x300%2523 D0b2907f-2382-47fd-9847-9d99e7901fb7_300x300%2523 E85f51fc-82a3-4bd8-a7b9-32db7c53d9d0_300x300%2523

Napa County California about 3 years ago

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