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Yellow leaves on a peach tree

Why are the leaves on my peach tree turning yellow. I have it in a container am I giving it too much water or not enough


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Merced County California over 4 years ago

Orange tree

Why is my orange tree loosing its baby fruit


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Merced County California over 4 years ago

Problems with my nectarines - Central Valley - California

1st year nectarine bore fruit. All fruit was either cracked or had black marks on the bottom. It was a small crop - 10 - 15 fruit. what is the problem. I try not to spray but if that's what it takes then I guess I need to. Please also suggest spray if necessary. Thanks for your expertise. Pictures attached.



Merced County California about 1 year ago

Red tailed hawk

There is a hawk nest in our tree. That has 1or2 babies. The mother was hit by a car4 days ago. Will the dad care for these babies? The babies have white feathers over most of their bodies but have some dark featjers on their wings. Please help


Merced County California over 2 years ago

Starting Portuguese Twin Acres; a goat meat ranch

I'm living in the Central Valley of California, and my twin 7-year-olds would like assist me in starting a goat ranch for goat meat. I'm working with the local FSA to get funding under the Micro-farm loan program. Being a new rancher, I need help identifying who I could sell the goat meat to? I'm considering organic goat meat and would appreciate any contacts with Whole Foods. Many of the vegetables grown in our area are contracting with Whole Foods.



Merced County California over 7 years ago

Permission to print a page

I am a trainee in the Merced CA Master Gardener program and will be making a presentation on first aid after pesticide exposure. Your page, compiled by Wayne Buhler, is one of the best that I have found. I would like to make copies to share with the class. However, there don't seem to be any icons indicating that the document may be emailed or printed. Is there a way to do this? Thank you, Anne Newins


Merced County California over 6 years ago

color transfer

I'm in the furniture business and have a customer we sold a purple velvet sofa to. After 5 years the purple color is rubbing off onto their clothing. We have sprayed fabric protector on a cushion hoping it would seal it but the color is still rubbing off onto a white towel. The customer told us they had covered the sofa with a sheet for 5 years before removing it, then discovered the color rubbing off.


Merced County California almost 5 years ago

potential decision

hello. My uncle, father and I bought a 9 acre piece of land in the Merced county. I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to split the 9 acres of land into 3 acres for each. We still owe on the loan we used to purchase the 9 acres.


Merced County California over 6 years ago

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