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white substance on my string of pearls

I noticed small flying gnat-like creatures around the area where I keep my succulents on my baker's rack. When I inspected my succulents, I found a white powdery substance all over the roots and surface of my string of pearls plant and some gnats flew out! This white substance has also attached itself to many of the strings hanging down in between the pearls. The plant looks healthy otherwise. I moved it outside but obviously don't want to keep it outside as I live on the coast in Northern California. What is this and what do I do? Thank you!


Mendocino County California about 4 years ago


The pic shows the seed pods from the tree...


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Mendocino County California over 4 years ago

Pressure Cooking Salmon

Recently, we canned a load of salmon in cans. One of the cookers was leaking. It maintained pressure of 16# for the 90 minute process. But, when we opened the cooker there was only about 1 cup of water remaining. Is this fish safe to eat?


Mendocino County California about 7 years ago


Has beautiful peeling bark on limbs



Mendocino County California over 4 years ago

tiny hard white eggs in pond

There are masses of small <1mm hard white eggs or egg cases (they seem to have eggs inside when broken open) that are uniformly covering rocks and debris in the pond (16 acre-ft with some measurable BOD). Any idea what they are?



Mendocino County California over 1 year ago

Spaghetti sauce with sausage and bacon allowable?

I am going to whip up a batch of my favorite spaghetti sauce. As I live in an area with frequent power outages, I am wondering if it might be okay to pressure can at the time/pressure okayed for sausage. It does have some bacon in it and I don't know if that would affect the ability to can it as I don't recall seeing bacon in any canning recipes before.

2 T butter, 1 T olive oil, 1/3 c. onion, 2 links sausage, 3 slices bacon, 1 c bell pepper, 3 cloves garlic, 1/2 c chicken stock, 3 c tomato sauce, 1 t red pepper flakes.

There are a couple extra items I would not add until right before serving at dinner time.

Would canning this for 90 min at 11 pounds (for quart), like for sausage, make it safe? Is this too long to keep the quality of the other ingredients good? What says Oregon State Extension Service?



Mendocino County California about 1 month ago


Looks like bottle brush or lukadendrum (sp?)



Mendocino County California over 4 years ago

Desprouting Seed Potatoes

When storing potatoes over the winter for spring planting, should sprouting potatoes be continuously desprouted or is it better to let the potatoes grow lengthy sprouts and plant them as such. It seems like taking the sprouts off repeatedly might sap the tuber of energy, but I have heard of old timers taking the sprouts off during the winter. Thank you for your time.


Mendocino County California almost 8 years ago

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