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Double yolk, fresh egg, one yolk normal, the other solid and green

I cracked a fresh egg this morning and I was expecting a double yolk from the size of the egg. The first yolk splashed into the fry pan looking normal:deep yellow, almost orange. Then a solid greenish yolk fell out into the pan. I have never seen this. I bought the eggs locally--not from a chicken farm. Any thoughts? I did not eat the egg, but cracked another. Thank you!


Defiance County OH poultry about 1 year ago

What are the large hawks that have been seen lately in large groups near the...

What are the large hawks that have been seen lately in large groups near the North side of Defiance and Brunersburg area? They seem to be following air currents but stay in the same general area. I don't recall seeing them in previous years.


Defiance County OH over 1 year ago

Hello, My family owns a small wooded area (approximately 5 acres) and it has...

Hello, My family owns a small wooded area (approximately 5 acres) and it has recently lost many of its large trees. As a result, we now have a lot of underbrush and young saplings crowding the floor. I would love to see this woods restored to its former health. What would you suggest doing to start this process? Should we try to clear out most of the underbrush to create more room and resources for the saplings? Trying to determine the best course of action.


Defiance County OH almost 2 years ago

Ground hornet, cicada killing wasp?

What is this? Wife found it in our house


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Defiance County OH over 1 year ago

Concerned for my son

Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of spider this is. My son has a bite on his leg and Dr. Told me not to worry but can't help it and these spiders are all over my house.



Defiance County OH insect issues insect identification over 4 years ago

Canning tomato juice

I want to can tomato juice. I have run the fresh tomatoes through a ricer and have the juice. How much salt should I put in a quart jar, and how long should I process it in a water-bath canner? Do I halve the amount of salt for a pint jar? How much processing time for a pint?


Defiance County OH home food preservation canning tomatoes over 6 years ago

Bee activity in Ohio

Bees appear to be attacking each other this year.... Does that happen (appear to be bumblebees)


Defiance County OH bees almost 7 years ago

What,is this in my garden

What is this


Defiance County OH over 3 years ago

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