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xantham gum as pie thickener

Can xantham gum be used as a fruit pie thickener in lieu of say "Minute Tapioca," and if so, in what amount and what would be the best procedure? Alternately, can it be used in conjunction with a thickener like Minute Tapioca in order to reduce the amount of Tapioca necessary? My reason for wanting to use xantham gum is to lower the calorie content of the pie, as well as to lower the cost of relatively expensive Minute Tapioca, and at the same time be able to enjoy the simplest preparation possible, which means not having to precook the filling or the thickener before pouring it in the pie crust and baking the pie. I was referred to you by Sarah House of Bob's Red Mill Products, which as you may know is a leading consumer supplier of xantham gum.


Marin County California over 5 years ago

How to deal with a broody chicken

I have a five year old bantam chicken who a couple months ago lost her life partner. She has been doing well alone--eating, laying every day. about ten days ago,she stopped laying and wanted to stay in her nest. AT first I took her out every couple of hours and she would eat a little and drink and then go back in the hen house. She had loved greens--spinach etc, but now won't touch them. She is eating layer mash, sometimes with a few sun flower seeds,which she loves. also, is liking live meal worms--about six a day. the last three days I've closed the hen house(she was very angry the first few times i did this,so I let her back in) and now she sits in her yard, but is still not very active. Gives herself dirt baths. I would like to know what else to do and if what I'm doing is okay. How long is this likely to last. Her poop is normal, but not as much as when she was eating more.


Marin County California over 6 years ago

8 year old Madrone dying

First four years it was in a pot. It liked hillside for a few years. This year it’s dropping leaves rapidly and I’ve seen a few white fly like insects. Not many. Some leaves appear chewed (Suspect insects). I may have overwatered it. Cut back irrigation (it liked the irrigation last year though). Really have worked hard to keep this sapling.


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Marin County California 5 months ago

How to protect barrel tile openings from embers?

I have heard that barrel tile should be "covered" to prevent openings for embers to enter during a fire.
What I want to know, what is used, and where do I get it?


Marin County California about 2 years ago

What is this vine

Can anyone help identify this vine? I've replanted from cuttings of a friend and over the course of 2 yrs it's been slowly dying....I'd like to bring it back if I can look up the conditions it needs. Thank you, M



Marin County California about 4 years ago

What is this fruit?

The plant is a vine with stunning 1-2" flowers. Leaves are in clusters of 5, fruit is about 5-6"long, irradecent lavendar.


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Marin County California about 4 years ago

Is this plant poisonous

I want to hang this in my school . I need to know if it is toxic



Marin County California over 4 years ago

My home is invested with what call no see um or little bug

I have had two exterminators here and the problemis not resolved. Yhey are now everywhere . They do not bite or bother most people except those few fortunate ones like myself whose immune system has been severly comprised . What kind of enviroment do they like. I live close to the water where it is cool and humid . Do they prefer hot and dry? HELP HELP


Marin County California over 2 years ago

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