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Identifying Chestnut Tree Species

Sir/Ma’am, I purchased a house in Williston early this summer and it appears to have a chestnut tree on it but I haven’t been able to ID it. I love chestnuts and just want to find out if these are edible! I have lots of pictures of the leaves and fruit. Also, I tasted them because I read that horse chestnuts are bitter, these were not I appreciate any help, Thank you!! Joe


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Williams County ND 3 months ago

Lawn week killer in pet access area

Our yard is being overrun with a variety of weeds, including dandelions, plantain, quack grass, etc. There are way too many this year to dig out by hand. I would like to use a weed killer of some kind, but we have two 8-year-old basset hounds who have access to our fenced-in backyard all year. They will occasionally eat the grass and enjoy lying in the shade. Not to mention, their noses are always sniffing the ground! Is there something I can use now to kill the weeds without harming the dogs? I mow the grass high and weekly, and that seems to help some, but the weeds, especially the dandelions and plantain, are driving me nuts!! Thanks!


Williams County ND lawns and turf weed issues companion animals almost 5 years ago

fabric barrier

I am planning on putting in a garden. My ? is can I put in a fabric weed barrier and then cover it with good soil for the garden? How deep would the good soil need to be for good plant growth? I'm looking to grow vegetables and such. No flowers.


Williams County ND horticulture almost 6 years ago

Ash rust

What can I do to stop the spread of ash rust ?


Williams County ND trees and shrubs ash rust horticulture over 4 years ago

Canadian Thistle Control Options in Hay Land

I have Canadian Thistle established along a coulee in a hay field that has grass, alfalfa, and sweet clover. I need to treat about 15 - 20 acres and I'm wondering if there are other options besides spot spraying each plant/small area. The area has been wet for several years and not cut which has allowed the thistle to get well established. I am considering spot spraying with Glyphosate this fall before it freezes and then follow up each spring and fall for the next few years.

Any other options for type of spray to use, effective boom spraying options, and/or suggestions are appreciated.


Williams County ND weed issues hay production herbicides glyphosphate over 5 years ago

We need assistance identifying a 7 feet tall with small orange berries.

This plant developed voluntarily and is approximately 5 years old. The bark of shrub is a light gray. This plant is located at a residence in Wiliston,



Williams County ND over 1 year ago


I have mushrooms growing in my back yard. I'm not sure how to identify them but I would like to know if they are poisonous or maybe even edible. We have dogs so I definitely would like to know if they are dangerous.

The first two pictures are of the same mushroom. One was taken while the mushroom was still in the ground and the other is after I dug it up so you can see the underside.


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Williams County ND 5 months ago

Will frost injure newly planted Flame Maple hedges?

The Flame Maple Hedges and Norway Maple trees that I ordered arrived about 2 weeks ago. I've been holding them in wet newspaper. Can I plant them now (April 23) or should I continue to wait. They have green leaves sprouting out.


Williams County ND trees and shrubs horticulture almost 6 years ago

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