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What is this?


Do you know type of insect this is?



Madera County California 5 months ago


I seem to have mildew & black spot. The buds have brown edges seen just before opening. The stems seem limp. What do I treat with that will cover all problems. They get sun (HOT) 90% of the day. I live in Oakhurst.


Madera County California over 4 years ago

Can anyone help me identify this mushroom

These mushrooms randomly popped up all over my lawn recently over the past few days... I would like to know if they are toxic or not I have not had much luck identifying them based on pictures possibly to feed them to my animals I hate wasting things it would be nice to repurpose them


Img_20190119_162042_300x300%2523 Mvimg_20190119_162036_300x300%2523 Mvimg_20190119_162031_300x300%2523

Madera County California almost 2 years ago

Red bud seeds

This year my red bud has almost all seed pods starting and hardly any leaves is there a reason for this ?


Img_8662_300x300%2523 Img_8661_300x300%2523

Madera County California 7 months ago

Who must be certified to use Round-up?

I live on a ranch that we lease to cattle. We have a guy who looks after the horses and does brushing and odd jobs in return for the use of a house on the property. In order for him to spray Roundup around the barn, the tack room, and a cottage, does he have to have a state certification? Do I?


Madera County California almost 7 years ago

Dead Ponderosa Pines

I have property near Yosemite that has been devastated by bark beetles. I have between 40 and 50 trees that are dead. How long can I leave the trees standing before they rot to the point they are not good for anything but burning? I have cut down about the same number last year and cut up into lumber for a barn. I intend to do the same with these.


Madera County California over 4 years ago

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