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Curling blueberry leaves

I have some North blue blueberry plant leaves th that are curling under longitudinally, I have special growing medium and they're doing fairly well this variety seems to be struggling a little bit I was wondering if you could help me thank you Tom Slagle 701-340-4483. I guess I just want to know if this is overwatering or overfertilization. I water about every other day and I have used a little bit of sulfur and fertilizer for acid loving plants thank you Tom Slagle 701-340-4483

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Ward County ND about 4 years ago

Suitable plant for front of house

I have a 4 ft x 18 ft space between my sidewalk and the foundation of my house. I would like to plant some low (2 ft or less) bushes in this space. I do not want anything with needles. What are your suggestions and what spacing should I use?

Thank you


Ward County ND 3 months ago

How to spray oak trees that or sapping/wheeping

Hello! We have a massive number of oak trees on our property and around our house that are sapping severely. We can not find anyone to spray them. Do you have a any contacts or any recommendations on how we can spray them ourselves? Thank you for any advice. Melissa Fettig


Ward County ND about 1 year ago

spring-planted bulbs

I live in Minot. Are there any spring-planted bulbs that would survive here over the winter without having to be dug up?


Ward County ND over 1 year ago

Spider bite?

I was bite about 3 days ago not sure how or exactly when I think it was some time in the night while I was asleep. It's been 3 almost 4 days now and this is what it looks like can someone tell me what this might be from. It is located on the lower center of my back.



Ward County ND about 4 years ago

Worms on Grape Leaves

We have a fairly mature (6-8 years) grape arbor consisting of 2 grape plants. We found holes in the leaves and upon further inspection, found small worms. The pattern is not lacelike, just simply holes. Photo attached. We are concerned about losing our harvest if this problem becomes worse. Any Suggestions?



Ward County ND about 7 years ago

weed maintenance around apple trees

I use roundup around my home and driveway to eliminate weeds. Have 3 apple trees at the home we purchased 5 years ago. There is some landscaping around these trees in the form of rock and landscaping bricks that extends out about 3 feet all the way around each apple tree. This area gets pretty weedy including shoots coming up from the apple tree. Every so often I weed wack or cut off any shoots coming up from the apple tree. Is it safe to spray roundup in this area after the shoots have bee cut off?


Ward County ND about 1 year ago


I find these all over the place I believe they are a native weed to North Dakota but I'm not sure.



Ward County ND about 4 years ago

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